Olivia’s Turn: Mind games start. Torment becomes the seduction.

IT’S THE cover reveal of my new psychological thriller.

It’s available for pre-order through Amazon, with publication date January 10, 2018.

How far would you go to get what you want?

Olivia Stark was the highest paid teen actress in Hollywood. Now she’s in her twenties.

A trip to Las Vegas turns upside down when Olivia becomes privy to a secret.

…and events combust in a way no one expected.

A bombshell opens a hatch for Olivia to spy into the deep recesses of one young girl’s diabolical thoughts.

But what makes someone snap?

Mind games start. Torment becomes the seduction.

It begins at a film industry charity event in Sin City drawing big-name producers which include Vivika James. A powerful African American producer Olivia is convinced holds the secret to her future.

But Olivia makes a choice which catches her in a treacherous web of deceit, mistaken identity, and complicated mind games.

Her life put on the line by her own choices.

The team who’s helped her reach the top of Hollywood, amid sexism and casting restrictions men rarely face, guide her away from her impulses.

But this is Olivia Stark’s life and no one lives it for her.

Dire circumstances develop and bring Jeremy Durant to help Olivia. He’s a transplanted Los Angeles lawyer who dropped out of the partnership racket to work at Slaten’s Premier Hotel and Casino on the Strip.

Olivia convinces Jeremy of an outlandish prospect, which leads her into darkness.

Olivia’s Turn is an arousing psychological thriller which lunges into the mind games humans play and the deadly cost.

Olivia Stark doesn’t consider the risks she takes important. She goes after what she wants willing to pay the price.