A Feminist Memoir, & #1 Fiction in Letters & Correspondence #Free

THIS doesn’t happen every day for an author.

Olivia Stark’s Diary, aka Diary of a Hollywood Hottie…and Other Starlet Indignities, which is fiction, is #1 on Amazon in #free Letters & Correspondence.

My memoir is on sale today for $1.99 via my non-fiction publisher Open Road Media.

Hope you jump in.

Can’t beat these prices.

UPDATE: “The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen…” made it to #1 in the “Feminist Theory” category yesterday.

Grateful to everyone who helped get “Beauty Queen” to #1 in “Feminist Theory” yesterday. Special thanks to Judith Proffer of Padaro Press, the original publisher of this book. Shout out to Open Road Media, who distributes the ebook, & dropped the price for a day.