Tell us a little bit about the characters in Beltway Betrayers.

ONE OF the book blogs, The Avid Reader, asked me to tell their readers a bit about the characters in Beltway Betrayers, The Beltway Series, Book 2, which is .99 cents for a limited time.

Here’s the scoop on the characters.

Alex Gantry, the heroine, has catapulted an elite personal life coaching business into a commodity. She works with the hottest producers, actors, and anyone else feeling the stress of Hollywood. Alex is independent, successful, and likes being attached and single, even when she’s in love.

The Beltway Series, Book 1
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Brian Marks muscled into the indie film production world to make it big. He’s never been married and is gorgeous. He didn’t take his relationship with Alex seriously until she was gone. He’s still grappling with the loss of Alex to a man 20 years his junior, who Brian thinks is half the man he is.

The founder of Banks and Associates is Alex’s best friend, Berkley Banks, and it almost cost Berkley her life. She founded a social media marketing company that is helping companies deal with the new media world. It’s one of the hottest firms in the Beltway. Berkley convinced Alex to move from Hollywood to the Washington, D.C., by offering her a partnership.

T.J. Gale is one of Berkley Banks’s hottest clients. He’s a former Wall Street hot shot with a family legacy that holds sway in Washington, D.C. He’s an environmental entrepreneur. But there’s more to him, which begins to unfold in Beltway Betrayers. T.J. also runs a private military firm, which means action is never far away.

Malcolm Steele is T.J.’s closest confidant. He runs T.J.’s private military firm, Force Protection, a lucrative endeavor that gets involved in specialized situations needing security from former military personnel and intelligence officers.

Phyllis Lawrence is T.J.’s stepmother. They are very close. She’s a powerful woman in the rarified air of international philanthropists and global financiers. Phyllis is the widow of Teddy Gale, who was privy to the secrets of presidents, influencers, and the mighty. Now Phyllis wields his power.

Lisa Dalaney is the daughter of Davin Dalaney, from whom she gets her identity and her paycheck. She’s fighting for her place in Dalaney Enterprises, and fending off the fury she feels over her father’s misogyny. After finding out her father has no intention of leaving her in charge of the company after him, Lisa puts a plan together to secure her position.

Davin Dalaney came up the hard way, made himself in the shipping business while exploiting globalism, which opened Pandora’s box. Everything is for sale. Davin funded LSS, and now that T.J. has dumped his daughter, there’s no reason to be nice anymore. Davin wants revenge.

But wait until you meet Bella, Vicki Kurtz, and Kit!

…and get ready for the return of Olivia Stark, who first appeared in Below the Beltway. She’s coming back in Book 3 this fall!