Plain Talk Book Marketing Interview: Why L.A. and Washington, D.C.?

THIS WAS my first foray into the book blog world.

Every question, interview, and conversation made me think in new ways about the story that’s unfolding in Beltway Betrayers.

Plain Talk Book Marketing blog asked me about the setting of Beltway Betrayers, asking, “Why Choose Washington, DC, and Los Angeles?”

[…] The pageantry and anointed royalty of Hollywood was born many decades ago in the Golden Age of cinema.

It wasn’t until the era of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy that Washington became the center of the world, with beautiful people commanding the ultimate power.

photo: back cover of print version of Beltway Betrayers

Hollywood had moved east. The world revolved around a swamp area populated by some of the most gorgeous creatures living off the lushest land imaginable, none of them human.

These two cities lend themselves to a romantic psychological thriller because the continual competition can make for fragile egos, short-lived romances, and lethal battles of will.

It’s about mind games. […]

… People who play for power, love, and contentment in these cities have to vie for the prize through the will they exact on their own ego.

Forced to admit that love is the only thing that can save them from themselves.

The elements of a psychological thriller are complicated. There is what’s going on that a person can see, but what they don’t know can ultimately be their undoing.

How to unpack a psychological thriller? You’ve got to go the distance with the characters, understanding that the stakes are always high.

Beltway Betrayers is an intricate story that nakedly reveals people’s motives, and the consequences of deadly games of ego, lust, and love.

Los Angeles and the Washington, D.C., Beltway are cities I know well. They are the perfect settings for a psychological thriller and romantic battle of wills between two men who want the same woman.