Espionage Whispers Shake Trump’s White House

THE STAFF shakeups have begun, with Trump also meeting with Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie. Staffing is the least of Trump’s challenges.

Looks like sucking up to Russian oligarchs is all in the family.

Secret communications with the Russians was his objective…

Done through Russian equipment on their phone lines…on his request…

The site of his anti-American skullduggery was chosen to purposefully elude NSA’s reach, so no one outside the inner Trump orbit and the Kremlin would know, nor would the Obama White House.

He didn’t consider that on Russian phone lines someone would be listening.

It would be their secret, just Jared, and his Russian oligarchs.

If a U.S. covert agent had made such overtures it would have been considered espionage.

Jared Kushner was once seen as a welcome voice when compared to Steve Bannon and Steve Miller’s brand of fire-breathing politics. Kushner had two choices: a) keep his head down & try to juggle his ridiculously large portfolio b) let his access to the American president turn his conceit into malfeasance.

Some might call it treasonous.


That’s the message coming from the White House.

If you don’t believe me, ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She thinks things have gotten so bad in America, in less than 150 days, that there is no hope of rectifying it after Trump’s gone. Merkel sees something seething beneath the Trumpian capitalistic treachery that goes beyond Trump, which she thinks could be lasting.

In the first 5 months of his presidency, Trump has smashed our alliance with Germany, made France question our motives, and Great Britain isn’t sure the U.S. can be trusted with secrets.

Meanwhile, possible financial “leverage” Russia might have had on Trump continues to swirl, according to a CNN report.

All of this reminds me of George W. Bush’s ineptitude when he blundered into the worst foreign policy mistake in the modern era, the Iraq war. W. still won reelection, and the Democrats in Congress never laid a glove on him.

If Donald Trump has taught the American voter anything it’s that you cannot predict how elections will turn out.

The momentum is rising and it favors Democrats, but in June we’re going to find out just how effective Dems can be. After Montana, a win in Georgia is needed for one reason: Democrats must prove they can win, not just blow away fundraising numbers.

Right now the race still looks like a toss-up. Only two public polls have been taken since the first round of voting in April. Gravis had Ossoff up 47/45 as of May 10. A Survey USA poll a week later showed the Democrat leading 51/44. But polling for special elections is notoriously shaky. And there’s a reason Team Ossoff really wanted to avoid a runoff: The demographics obviously favor the GOP in this district they have held for decades, particularly in low-turnout contests, of which a special-election runoff is usually the epitome. – Ed Kilgore [New York Magazine]