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Depending on the book blog, I discussed Beltway Betrayers, did Q&A answer interviews, talked about writing in different posts. The top 10 lists were fun. “Top ten dream writing destinations” was a voyage.

I hope you visit the blogs listed below in my blog tour. It’s my first.

Getting out into the book blog community is important, introducing myself to people, while also getting reviews from several them. It’s the journey, and this one is entirely new to me.

5-star reviews coming in for Beltway Betrayers
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A tale of love lust betrayal and in the end hope. The author has created a modern woman who takes the world
on her own terms. This book is like the town fair, there is something there for everyone.
Brings to mind the words of Songs of Solomon “love is strong as death.” – upstate Bill

Taylor Marsh has proven once more that she is a writer for our times. If you read her first book, you will have found that Ms. Marsh has gotten into the psyche of a modern independent woman who defines and takes control of her own life without being held hostage to her anatomy. “Beltway Betrayers” takes us deeper into what an independent woman is capable of doing. It’s not only romance but intrigue and suspense and it was difficult for me to put it down. This isn’t a Jane Austen novel so don’t expect the gentility that was Austen’s trademark. – Amazon Customer

May 22nd
Plain Talk Book Marketing >> “Why Choose Washington, DC, and Los Angeles?”
aggiesbookreview >> Review

“I loved this book. It is something different to what I normally read. The story is set around Alex Gantry a very strong woman who is going out with TJ Gale a man who’s business dealings she knows little about and who’s ex wife isn’t happy and tries to split them up. This is a psychological thriller where there is a lot more than you think at the beginning. It really does get your mind working to what is going on. I enjoyed the little narration parts every so often which just gives you a lot more information. There’s is lots to take in but it is easy reading which comes to a good conclusion at the end. The characters are well explained. I did enjoy this book even though it took me a while to read due to the size. This book keeps you guessing who is good and who is bad, a good read. x – Alison Bell, Aggie’s Book Review Blogspot

Angels With Attitude Book Reviews >> Top 10 Reasons I Wanted to be A Writer
Archaeolibrarian – I Dig Good Books! >> Excerpt

May 23rd
Bookish Things & More >> Excerpt
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Solafide Book Club >> “How I Came Up with the Idea for Beltway Betrayers”
Thoughts in Progress >> Interview

May 24th
Book Lovers 4Ever >> Excerpt
Don’t Judge, Read >> Spotlight Top 10 List
queens of the darkside >> Review (pending)
Girls With Books >> Excerpt
The Book Junkie Reads . . . >> Review

“Hold on for the ride you so have been looking for. This one was full of it, all that you could imagine. … The characters were rich, at times intense, possessive, delusional, confused, and deceptive. I guess that should encompass the characters that you are reading in a romantic psychological thriller.” – The Book Junkie Reads…

May 25th
Jazzy Book Reviews >> Excerpt
Book Addict >> Review

“This book was a joy to read a suspense with side dish of romance. …This is the first book I have read from Taylor Marsh and it (won’t) be the last.” – Cheryl Whitty, Book Addict

BooksChatter >> Interview
The Silver Dagger Scriptorium >> Spotlight

May 26th
Loves Great Reads >> Excerpt
The Avid Reader >> Tell Us About the Characters in Beltway Betrayers
Celticlady’s Reviews >> Spotlight (pending)
Thoughtofavirgo >> Review (pending)

May 29th
Literary misfit >> Spotlight
Chill and read >> Spotlight (Excerpt)
Haddie’s Haven >> Review

“…Beltway Betrayers is awesome! This is one of the first Psychological Thrillers I’ve ever read and I am thoroughly impressed with it. I enjoy thrillers now and then, but they are not what I usually go for. This book is not just romance, it grabs you with the intrigue and the characters. … MY RATING: 4.5 OF 5 STARS.” – Haddies Haven Book Blog

The Silver Dagger Scriptorium >> Spotlight

May 30th

Hot Off the Shelves >> Why Fiction? After A Prolific Non-Fiction/Journalist Career…

The Pursuit Of Bookiness >> Review (pending)
The Math Lovin’ Momma >> Review (pending)
Writers and Authors >> Interview
Padme’s Library >> Interview

May 31st
Just Us Book Blog >> Excerpt
The Adventures of SacaKat >> Top 10 List (pending)
Two Ends of the Pen >> Interview
shawna shauntia >> Excerpt

June 1st
The Bookworm Chronicles >> Excerpt
Cranky – The Book Curmudgeon
Evermore Books >> Interview (Great music question!)
Readdayandnight >> Review (pending)

June 2nd
a small girl, her man and her books >> Review (pending)
Rockin’ Book Reviews >> Excerpt
The Genre Minx Book Reviews >> Review

“The Author provides enough information to give you the backstory information needed in order to enjoy this book. … This writing style may not be for everyone as the characters hold nothing back. This story is gritty, edgy, and filled with action, drama, and a bit of romance. … Some of the thoughts of the characters surprised me but it was only because they were developed not to hold anything back. If Alex was thinking about having sex with another man even though she was with T.J., it was expressed. It is not that often that you would read about characters (especially female characters) who are comfortable with their own sexuality to desire someone and admit to themselves that they do desire them but not act upon it. Usually there is an instant monogamy and everyone else becomes a Ken doll. I was a bit surprised by that but I also did find it refreshing. … There is also rape, beating of women, and general Neanderthal behavior of some of the characters. I will say that the story is written in a way there is no graphic imagery (blow by blow details) of the worst stuff but it is there and may affect those sensitive to such situations. Overall, I feel that this story will resound with readers who enjoy a psychological thriller that has a sweet little star crossed lovers romance. – The Genre Minx Book Review

The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange >> Top 10 List
Reads & Reels >> Review

“This one reminded me of classic Jackie Collins!” – Reads & Reels