Kushners Get Plum Deal from Company Tied to Chinese Government

President Donald Trump has made his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the administration’s primary point of contact with the Chinese government. Now a Chinese firm with mysterious ownership structure and suspected ties to the Chinese government has made an “unusually favorable” deal with Kushner’s family real estate company. The deal, an investment in a Manhattan office building, includes a $400 million cash payout to Kushner Companies.Judd Legum

REMEMBER BACK when it was thought the influence of Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump would help Donald J. Trump stay presidential and maybe color between the lines?

Ah, those were the days.

Come to find out, Jared Kushner is a chip off the old man’s block when it comes to business.

From the New York Times

…Not only does Mr. Kushner intend to sell the assets to his brother, Joshua, a venture capitalist, and to a trust controlled by his mother, Seryl, but his mother and siblings are the beneficiaries of the trust.

“It sounds like a shell game to me,” Mr. Sanderson said.

Even with these measures, Mr. Kushner will still have links to his family’s empire, which owns property across the country and relies on often-opaque foreign money.

Recent maneuvers over the tower at 666 Fifth Avenue underscore the complications. On Saturday, The New York Times reported that Mr. Kushner had been negotiating to redevelop the building with Anbang Insurance Group, a Chinese financial firm with a murky ownership structure and state connections.

Trump’s entire presidency to date is a shell game.

…and the very people who elected him are the ones who are going to lose and the Trump administration knew it all along.

It doesn’t stop there…