OSCARS’ ENVELOPEGATE: Don’t blame Jimmy Kimmel

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting but looked lost. When he opened the envelope, he paused for a long few seconds. He looked at Dunaway, puzzled. She took the envelope, read it, paused, and said, “La La Land.” [USA Today]

DIE HARD FANS of Hillary Clinton could not resist.

Envelopegate was a shocker, for sure.

Needless to say, I was all about Justin Timberlake and the Oscar opener they put together.

The entire show was fun and filled with surprises, long before #envelopegate happened. #candy #cookies

It was so obvious if you were watching the Oscars live, that Warren Beatty was having a moment.

Faye Dunaway walked into the breach.

…but it was not Jimmy Kimmel’s fault. He rocked the (interminably long) Oscars.

S*#t happens.