Our Minority President is an Insecure Whiner.
art: Paul Szep, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist

President Donald Trump called on Wednesday for “a major investigation” into voter fraud, following through with baseless claims he has made since November’s election alleging millions of illegal votes during the general election without citing any evidence. [CNN]

OUR MINORITY PREZ is proving to be his own worst enemy.

Donald J. Trump is also a big, fat whiner.

The claims from Sean Spicer on behalf of President Trump, including that his inauguration was the most-watched ever, “PERIOD,” is complete bullsh*t.

Add to this ouur Minority President’s nutty claims about voter fraud, and you’ve just ruined the reputation of his press secretary, Sean Spicer.

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway stepped back into her role as communication czar on Sunday, only to humiliate herself. Why she would throw herself under the limousine for Sean Spicer is unknown, but she disgraced herself.

If you’re reading the New York Times and the Washington Post reports of complete chaos inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you’ll understand why he’s moving today on new policies.

Trying desperately to change the subject from his wacky White House entry, which includes felony arrests of journalists doing their jobs, cutting climate change page, and muzzling scientists, it’s back to the wall and immigration.

From a New York Times report by Maggie Haberman, David E. Sanger and Julie Hirschfeld Davis

The refugee policy under consideration would halt admissions from Syria and suspend it from other majority-Muslim nations until the administration can study how to properly vet them. This would pave the way for the administration to slash the number of displaced people who can be resettled on American soil, and would effectively bar the entry of people from Muslim countries — including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria — at least for some time.

The plan is in line with a ban on Muslim immigrants that Mr. Trump proposed during his campaign, arguing that such a step was warranted given concerns about terrorism. He later said he wanted to impose “extreme vetting” of refugees from Syria and other countries where terrorism was rampant, although the Obama administration had already instituted strict screening procedures for Syrian refugees that were designed to weed out anyone who posed a danger.

Oh, and black sites are back, boys and girls.

It’s the 21st Century dark ages.

This is what happens when democratic, small “d”, voters stay home. The most committed wins.