It's better to be Clinton than Trump in final days.

It’s better to be Clinton than Trump in final days.

Donald Trump has insisted for months that polls are failing to capture the breadth of his support because some of his backers won’t admit it to a pollster over the telephone. He’s wrong. [Politico]

THE AD has been out since September but it finally is getting national airtime, which is a very good thing for Jason Kander, Democrats and the state of Missouri. A deep red state with little hope for common sense on the presidency but which could make a difference for control over the Senate, where Roy Blunt is long overdue for a shellacking.

If you want to know how crazy things have gotten on cable, on Wednesday Joe Scarborough said he’d rather be Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

This is what passes for analysis in the final days. Sticking your finger up and deciding momentum is the thing.

Never mind that there is no evidence Donald Trump has the organization to pull off a win in states where Clinton’s team has been on the ground in big numbers for months and months.

The GOP’s relationship with young voters was lukewarm before the candidate’s nomination—and it has only deteriorated since. – Ron Brownstein [The Atlantic]

Stuart Stevens disabused Scarborough of his momentum without the mechanics idiocy today, saying that he judges what will happen on election day “by the fundamentals.” He didn’t last long on the “Morning Joe” set.

Jason Kander has taken his fundamentals to Roy Blunt in an ad on background checks that emasculates his opponents and every other politician on the one subject that this Missouri soldier knows well. Actual combat on the battlefield, not lip service to the NRA, producing the best political ad of the 2016 season.

When it comes to fundamentals, Hillary Clinton is queen.

All of her supporters can trust that in the final days of this ugly campaign she isn’t relying on whimsy, luck or the fickleness of momentum or crowd totals. Team Clinton is identifying voters who haven’t yet voted and making sure they get to the polls.

“Tightening” poll numbers do not predict who will vote or count the number of early votes, let alone who has the organization to pull their candidate over the 270 finish line.

Despite Director Comey‘s obvious political stumbling on the way to losing control of his agency that has now morphed into a leak machine, Hillary Clinton remains focused and steady, with one job at hand.

But really, basing an FBI investigation on the book “Cllinton Cash”?

By plan and design Clinton is flooding the zone in every state she hopes to win, because she’s got the cash and the creative to drive her message home.

Trump is making the same mistakes Romney and his team did about the polling and what the size of crowds mean. The one thing Romney had that Trump doesn’t is a ground game, but back in 2012 the Republican still lost.

It’s better to be Clinton right now than Trump.

In Missouri, it’s better to be Kander than Blunt.

photo: President Barack Obama receives a briefing on the annual hurricane season outlook and preparedness, at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington, D.C., May 31, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)