Donald, Monica and Digging Up Dirt

Donald, Monica and Digging Up Dirt

When Ms. Lewinsky phoned and Ms. Currie put the President on the line, she did not log the call, though the standard procedure was to note all calls, personal and professional. According to Secret Service uniformed officers, Ms. Currie sometimes tried to persuade them to admit Ms. Lewinsky to the White House compound without making a record of it. [CNN]

SCRAMBLING to rebound, Donald Trump is bringing out the greatest hits of the ’90s, hoping that delving into Hillary Clinton‘s marriage will rattle her.

All because Alicia Machado wouldn’t lie down for Donald and take his verbal abuse and his accusations about a sex tape.

From the New York Times

In an interview with The New York Times, he also contended that infidelity was “never a problem” during his three marriages, though his first ended in an ugly divorce after Mr. Trump began a relationship with the woman who became his second wife.

Speaking by phone from a campaign swing in Michigan, he said that he was “absolutely disgusted” that Mrs. Clinton had allied herself politically with a Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, whom Mr. Trump had derided for gaining weight.

Mr. Trump said that Mrs. Clinton, who has portrayed Ms. Machado as a victim of Mr. Trump’s cruel insults, had “made this young lady into a girl scout when she was the exact opposite.” He asserted, without offering any evidence, that Ms. Machado had once participated in a sex tape.

Of course, Monica Lewinsky was inevitably brought up in Trump’s latest tactic, with everyone chiming in on a subject the American people already deemed settled and helped Republicans lose to William Jefferson Clinton in 1998.

As someone who has read every shred of public evidence on the Lewinsky imbroglio, I do not buy the sexual harassment charge leveled against President Clinton. Monica Lewinsky wanted a relationship with Bill Clinton and went out of her way to acquiesce to his whims because she was completely besotted.

If you’re going to tell me that a 24-year-old woman doesn’t know when she’s on the tear of a dangerous seduction when targeting a married man, let alone the president of the United States, you’re woefully ignorant.

No one knows the power of her sexual persona more intimately than a 20-something female on the hunt. Target acquired, there is no stopping the urge until satisfaction or self-destruction is met.

When you throw yourself into a marriage as the other woman, you’d better understand what you’re intent is and what you’re trying to manifest.

It doesn’t make William Jefferson Clinton any less of a philandering dog. His position as president of the United States makes what he did with Ms. Lewinsky unfathomably stupid. Just don’t try to tell me she didn’t pursue President Clinton willingly.

While Ms. Lewinsky was waiting, one officer mentioned that Eleanor Mondale was in the White House. Ms. Lewinsky correctly surmised that the President was meeting with Ms. Mondale, rather than his lawyers, and she was “livid.” She stormed away, called and berated Ms. Currie from a pay phone, and then returned to her Watergate apartment. [CNN]

Jealousy of another woman is not a signpost of sexual harassment.

Young women know their sexual prowess and can sense a man in the throes of a crisis or on the ledge of acting out. Nothing soothes a man’s mental state like adoration.

If Mr. Trump wants to dig up dirt he’d better wear a plastic suit.

In one such document, Ivana Trump’s lawyers claim that in the three years preceding their divorce Donald Trump, “has increasingly verbally abused and demeaned [her] so as to obtain her submission to his wishes and desires” as well as “humiliated and verbally assaulted” her. The New York County Clerk’s records office couldn’t locate at least one box of documents relating to the contract dispute. (It’s not uncommon for court files to go missing.) [The Daily Beast]

So, what about that softcore porn video appearance?

via BuzzFeed

via BuzzFeed

None of this has anything to do with Secretary Hillary Clinton’s preparedness to be president.

But wait!

You’re wondering about Mrs. Clinton’s alleged role in reacting and allegedly attacking Bill’s paramour, describing Monica Lewinsky very unflatteringly. Wives have egos too. And the Democratic Party owes a lot to Bill’s wife because without her the Party would have collapsed into chaos.

All because a 24-year-old woman set her sights on seducing the 42nd president of the United States but didn’t game out the consequences if her wish came true.