Paul Ryan's blundering speakership.

Paul Ryan’s blundering speakership.

“…to carry the water for the NRA… is a dangerous road to travel down.” – Nicole Wallace on “Morning Joe”

WHO KNEW Speaker Paul Ryan would be so clueless as a leader?

The same House has endured debates on war, impeachment, taxes, and any number of other contentious issues — all with the cameras rolling. A call to action on guns, though, was apparently too much for the tender feelings of Speaker Paul Ryan, whose office shut down CSPAN’s access. [Boston Globe]

The Democratic gun legislation that is being debated in both houses of Congress is supported by the vast majority of the American people.

Yet Speaker Ryan won’t allow a vote on the legislation in the House.

All Democrats want is a vote and they shouldn’t have to organize a sit-in to get it.

Ryan thinks stiffing Democrats on this vote will hide the truth and help his party.

The first hint of Ryan’s immaturity came upon hearing him call Donald Trump‘s statements on Judge Curiel as “racist,” then saying he has no problem with backing him, because…


But when you are a Republican speaker of the House on the wrong side of the American people, not to mention conservatives like Nicole Wallace, as well as Joe Scarborough, on guns, I’d say it’s time check your loyalties.

Or not.

Here’s the bumper sticker or 30-second ad that Democrats should run across the country, as outlined on “Morning Joe.”

“My opponent wants to keep guns in the hands of terrorists”