Donald Trump... That's all there is to say.

Donald Trump… That’s all there is to say.

WHATEVER WHISPERS are swirling today don’t stay quiet very long. There’s a collective angst about WHO WILL WIN IOWA that pervades every cable show, conversation, and social media exchange.

“My intuition is that the Trump organization is bigger than they’ve let on… They’ve downplayed… Want to surprise people tonight…” – Mark Halperin on “Morning Joe”

There’s a lot of buzz about what Halperin said, not because he said it but because everyone is talking about it. The brash billionaire quietly building a campaign in Iowa, under the radar, that rivals anything anyone has done before.

Except Barack Obama, of course.

Cruz and his supporters are bragging that they’ve got the organization and they’re going to win.

Scuttlebutt about Carson, Huckabee and Santorum supporters, Cruz phoning them… Rubio working them too.

Ann Selzer said on MJ that there were enough young people in her polling to make possible something big for Bernie.

Clinton forces have been everywhere making the case that women will break for Hillary, as will the older voters who are so loyal to her and are more reliable voters.

Younger versus older women, that’s the stereotype of Sanders and Clinton voters, respectively. Of course, it’s not that simple.

We should also note that all this drama and excitement is generated by a voting block in Iowa that is so minuscule, and white, it defies logic and all intelligence to giving caucus goers in Iowa so much power.

And yet this year I’ve become a convert.

It’s the magic of our tortured democratic republic cranking into motion to preserve itself.

It’s Christmas for political junkies.