Hillary Clinton Whups Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

Clinton Whups Sanders in South Carolina.
photo by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

PICK YOUR adjective, Hillary Clinton so thoroughly trounced Senator Sanders that she surpassed Barack Obama‘s 29-point win against her in 2008.

Well done and then some. Secretary Clinton wanted this one badly enough to run the numbers sky high.

South Carolinians delivered, giving Clinton a win under and over 45 with African Americans, as well as winning a huge portion of young people.

From Nate Kohn in the New York Times

As a result, the Sanders campaign has effectively conceded the South on Super Tuesday. The campaign is not airing advertisements there, according to NBC News data. It’s instead concentrating resources in five states with far fewer black voters and far fewer delegates: Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado, Massachusetts and Vermont. It is a strategy that aims to maximize Mr. Sanders’s chance of winning states, but it doesn’t necessarily prevent Mrs. Clinton from running up huge delegate leads from the South.

The likelihood of a Clinton landslide in the delegate-rich South means that Mr. Sanders can’t compensate with a few narrow, feel-good wins outside the South. The thing to watch on Tuesday night is whether Mr. Sanders can win by big — even double-digit — margins in states like Minnesota or Massachusetts. The margins matter, because delegates are awarded proportionally in the Democratic nomination contest.