Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders answer questions from Hispanics in town hall.  photo via Instagram

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders answer questions from Hispanics in town hall.
photo via Instagram, Vogue magazine March issue

BOTH DEMOCRATIC candidates were booed during the MSNBC town hall hosted by Jose Dias-Balart and Chuck Todd. The questioners clearly at times knew more than the candidate, with both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seeming stumped in moments.

The information the voters wanted weren’t things we have heard Republicans answer, and having a bi-lingual town hall would have made Donald Trump’s head explode.

It’s my estimation that Clinton supporters are very pleased with her performance, with the same felt by Bernie Sanders advocates.

One thing Clinton does better than anyone else is be specific. Chuck Todd even got her to commit to moving on immigration reform in her first 100 days. That’s news if anyone’s interested.

Sanders had his moments too, including answering a man’s question about his fear that his children will face Islamaphobia. He took the moment and really drew out the issues of race he understands people face, which was powerful.

From Alex Seitz-Wald

Appearing after him, Clinton fired back at Sanders for criticizing Obama. He “wasn’t really even a Democrat until he decided to run for president,” she said to some boos from the crowd. “It’s true!”

But throughout the forum, Sanders also defended President Obama. While responding to a question on Islamophobia, the senator suggested that the president’s race helps explain the vitriolic opposition he has faced.

“No one asked me if I was a citizen or not, and my dad came from Poland,” Sanders said, referring to the so-called “birther” movement that has questioned Obama’s legitimacy as president. “Gee, what’s the difference? Maybe the color of my skin.”

There is evidently an oppo dump on Sanders happening right now by the Clinton team and surrogates, negative ads and information flying. Vetting of Sanders’ record that some reports hint might hurt him in Nevada. I’m sure it’s going on in South Carolina too.

It’s called politics.

I’m wondering why Tad Devine doesn’t compile a few clips of Clinton criticizing Obama from ’08 since there’s such a hug fest going on. Chuck Todd clearly caught Clinton off guard when he did that during the start of her segment. I’m also puzzled why the issue of Clinton’s speeches isn’t a more organized affair since it’s clear it really is an issue for team Sanders.

I’ve already written that I think Secretary Clinton has earned her speaking fee, which any woman in this arena knows is hard to come by. It’s not transparent that she won’t release them but when I listen to the questions of people voting in the primaries and caucus states the last thing most of them care about is Clinton’s speeches.

But then I’m not a Democratic socialist so rich people don’t freak me out, especially those who start where both Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton did.

The fact is that Bernie Sanders and many of his supporters see evil in Wall Street, something that is not close to what Hillary Clinton believes. So at the root of this argument is rogue capitalism and just how much of it the American middle class can afford.