Bernie hits Hillary on Goldman Sachs. By Adam Schultz for Hillary for America

Bernie hits Hillary on Goldman Sachs.
photo by Adam Schultz for Hillary for America

“The first difference is I don’t take money from big banks. I don’t get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs,” Sanders said, eliciting a few jeers and boos from the audience. [Politico]

SANDERS ATTACK on Wall Street and Goldman Sachs stopped Clinton for a second. It wasn’t the only direct hit she took from him. But when health care came around Sanders was left wide open, with his plan getting eviscerated on the day after.

Hillary Clinton is comfortable in debates but last night she met her match, with Bernie Sanders delivering his best performance since the campaign began. That doesn’t change that she remains the frontrunner when you look at a wider canvas of the primary season, beyond the first two states. But regardless of the stacked Clinton crowd at the debate, Sanders plunged in and took her on where she is most vulnerable.

What became very clear is why Clinton said what she did to Mika Brzezinski, which stirred so much anger at me over on Facebook. I had to delete several “f you” comments from Hillary fans who always get uncomfortable when I give equal heat to Hillary when it’s deserved. Clinton is hugging President Obama tightly because she thinks he can make the difference across the Democratic electorate, especially in South Carolina, should she lose both of the first states. I’d considered that but had to see more to be sure and last night it was obvious.

Clinton should stay away from charges about what Sanders said about Obama in 2011, because when it comes to harsh attacks against Barack Obama she’s got plenty in the vault.

From Politico, the Sanders attack on Goldman Sachs

According to tax returns released by Clinton’s campaign, she received a total of $675,000, for three separate speeches to Goldman Sachs in 2013, in South Carolina, New York and Arizona, a fact that Sanders referenced no fewer than four times during their exchange.

“I find it very strange that a major financial institution that pays $5 billion in fines for breaking the law — not one of their executives is prosecuted, while kids who smoke marijuana, they get a jail sentence,” Sanders said.

Later, Sanders returned to the topic, vowing, “Goldman Sachs is not going to bring forth a secretary of the Treasury for a Sanders administration.”

Lester Hold and Andrea Mitchell did a great job though I found the YouTube involvement meh.

And about Sanders health care “plan.” Ezra Klein eviscerated it. As far as I’ve been able to discern, the tax hikes it would require are onerous. I understand the progressive notion of making the wealthy pay more, but from what I can tell Sanders is soaking the rich to the point of drowning.

Of course, these new taxes replace the premiums Americans pay now. Here, Sanders promises that between shifting health-care financing to the rich and cutting costs through single-payer’s efficiencies, his plan will only cost the average American family around $450 — a savings of more than $5,800 over what they’re paying in premiums now. Those benefits are big. To get them, Sanders is assuming some immense cost savings. And that’s where the problems start. – Ezra Klein

I should add here that Robert Reich disagrees with Klein.

It was, however, the first debate where Bernie Sanders held his own and was seen as an equal to Hillary Clinton on stage. It’s quite an accomplishment for a candidate who couldn’t get Clinton’s attention for most of 2015.

On foreign policy, however, there is only one person on the stage. Hillary Clinton.

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