Bernie Sanders hits Goldman Sach, WashPost. By Adam Schultz for Hillary for America

Bernie Sanders hits Goldman Sach, WashPost.
photo by Adam Schultz for Hillary for America

CONTRAST time in the campaign is on and it’s brutal though nothing like 2008.

The hit by the Washington Post editorial board on Thursday was a rhetorical blow torch against Bernie Sanders, who’s leaning into contrast ads.

Mr. Sanders has done much to lay the groundwork to associate Mrs. Clinton with Wall Street, highlighting her acceptance of speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and it’s role in the mortgage crisis. And on the stump and interviews now, Mr. Sanders has added a new line noting that Hillary Clinton went to Philadelphia last night for a fund-raiser at an investment bank. [New York Times]

Bernie Sanders had quite a moment at the Bloomberg breakfast, which you can see below about half-way through. When Al Hunt referred to the Clinton camp telling him about alleged buses taking students to rural areas to caucus in Iowa, Sanders strongly pushed back. Then he talked about negative campaigning citing David Brock, hitting him very hard on character.

There’s been a brutal battle on Twitter between Bernie’s supporters and Clinton supporters. The intensity sparked the hashtag #WeWontBeErased, started by my friend Peter Daou, which began trending, then the Sanders supporters tried to hijack it. Clinton supporters will love Daou’s new venture Blue Nation Review.

After Sanders talked about the Clinton campaign’s enthusiasm she sent out an email. An excerpt

Our opponent just doesn’t seem to think we have the fight and enthusiasm to take this across the finish line.

I disagree. We’ve built a great team, and we’ve reached millions of people who agree that together we can keep moving forward — I’m so proud of what we’ve done. But the biggest test of what we can do happens on Monday at the Iowa caucus.

John Heilemann reported that across Iowa Clinton supporters tacked up the quote of Sanders in their campaign offices just like a football team would on game night.

Taunting is a good way to shift momentum in the other direction.

…and Michael Whouley and the Big Dog were cited in Iowa too, which is a very good thing with things this close.

“The American people are like a great composer — the words are always the same, but they are rearranged like notes, and they write a new melody and then they decide who they want to sing it,” Mr. Clinton said.

Mr. Begala said: “I love that where so many analysts see cacophony, he sees a symphony. Classic Clinton: optimistic, unifying.”

[New York Times]