Bernie trolls Clinton on Twitter.

Sanders trolls Clinton on Twitter.

THERE IS a lot of whining going on among Hillary Clinton supporters. The latest is about health care, where the Clinton campaign overreached by a mile. Of course, the criticism of Chelsea Clinton for hitting Sanders for allegedly wanting to “dismantle… dismantle… dismantle… dismantle…” our health-care system — she actually said that four times — brought out new claims of how Hillary is treated in the media. After 2008 how could anyone resist? However, the whole debate provided a gaping opening for the Sanders campaign to skip through, which they did with style and humor.

But Sanders trolling Hillary on Twitter? Wow, how’d we get here? This latest was enough to make many Clintonites erect barricades of denial. I understand, I’ve been there; but that was in 2008, people.

If anyone should be upset about media coverage for the 2016 campaign it’s Bernie Sanders and his campaign. No matter what he’s done over the last months he has had to push and push to get any respect. Until now, as we look at Hillary back on her heels and preparing to go on “Morning Joe” tomorrow.

But yet, I’m hearing constantly from Clinton supporters that the media is being unfair to Hillary.

Instead, they should be asking how she got in this position. The answer is ugly.

“… It is no small political achievement for Hillary Clinton to turn a 74-year-old socialist from Vermont, a dead ringer for Larry David, into the fresh new candidate in the race. That speaks remarkably to her political deficiencies. …” – Steve Schmidt [“Morning Joe” on Wednesday]

Hillary Clinton always does better when she’s up against it. Challenges arise, however, when you let an insurgent candidate with momentum and tons of excitement get the best of you in exchanges you started.