Chris Christie gets huge endorsement out of New Hampshire, and a shot against Marco Rubio.

Chris Christie gets huge endorsement out of New Hampshire, and a shot against Marco Rubio.

We don’t need another fast-talking, well-meaning freshman U.S. senator trying to run the government. We are still seeing the disastrous effects of the last such choice. [New Hampshire Union Leader]

AFTER WEEKS of gaining traction inside New Hampshire by camping out in the state, Chris Christie finally catches a break with a big endorsement. You’d think with the Republican primary base so excited about the bloviating, fact-free style of Donald Trump, someone with vastly wider experience, but a mouth as wide and obnoxious, would be preferable.

It’s clear that New Hampshire doesn’t want any part of Marco Rubio, with the “well-meaning freshman U.S. senator” line certainly not applying as perfectly to Ted Cruz, though that could be my take since I don’t think Mr. Cruz is “well-meaning” in any sense of the word. Hey, but that’s my own liberal prejudice sensing a little condescension from the editorial board, which was also meant to hit Rubio’s general immaturity.

When you compare Donald Trump’s bloviating to Chris Christie’s bullying bluntness, it sets up the perfect battle in New Hampshire.

I’m sure Trump would have no problem penning hogs so they can’t turn around, which Christie also supports, even vetoing bipartisan legislation in New Jersey to outlaw the animal cruelty. Everyone knows why he did it.

But if New Jer­sey passes the bill, Soukup says, Iowa pork pro­du­cers and an­im­al-rights act­iv­ists alike will take note that it happened un­der a Re­pub­lic­an gov­ernor, and one who has na­tion­al am­bi­tions that may run through their state. “Iow­ans do not for­get,” she says. [National Journal]

Unlike Trump, who admits marijuana legalization is something politicians will have to accept eventually, Chris Christie has pledged to “enforce federal law” and make medical marijuana a crime in states where the citizenry has voted to approve it. It tracks perfectly with Christie ignoring New Jersey voters.

Christie will find himself under assault if the New Hampshire Union Leader endorsement starts to help him move in the polling in that state, with his history of leadership problems inside New Jersey sure to make the next CNN debate a brawl.

When it comes to political brawling, Chris Christie remains, in my opinion, one of the best political athletes in the game today. He’s now finally got his moment to capitalize on what he’s been waiting to happen since Mitt Romney took a pass on him for vice president because his baggage was too much to handle.