Donald Trump on SNL, the ratings were "YUGE."

Donald Trump on SNL, the ratings were “YUGE.”
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“I haven’t been there since the 90s,” says one (fake) porn star. “Oh, yeah, I hit my head on the desk.” [SNL takes a shot at Bill Clinton]

THE RATINGS for Donald Trump hosting SNL were through the roof. As with any Saturday Night Live show, some skits hit, some were clunkers. What Trump showed is that he’s got thick skin, is a very good sport, and was in on all the gags. Well, maybe, all except one. The recurring porn star skit, which was turned into a fake Donald Trump ad, which he “in no shape or form approved of this message.”

From Entertainment Weekly

With Donald Trump hosting, Saturday Night Live jumped to its biggest overnight rating since 2012.

According to NBC, SNL had a whopping 6.6 household rating on Saturday night, easily beating the season’s previous high: the 41st season premiere last month, hosted by Miley Cyrus and with a guest appearance by none other than … Hillary Clinton. In fact, Trump’s overnight rating was 47 percent higher than the Miley/Hillary episode.

The reviews were sour, though I’d suggest it’s not all on Trump.

Variety said that “most of the sketches involving Trump were weak, timid or predictable.” That may be the view, but Trump performed what was written in good spirit.

The Washington Post took a page from HuffPost, declaring it’s disgraceful to have Donald Trump hosting, then turned fired on the SNL cast and writers. The latter deserving some shade, because when Trump’s skits failed it wasn’t because of him, his delivery or his willingness to poke fun at himself.

The ratings were high — SNL’s best in years — but they come with a heavy tax on the show’s integrity.

It’s entirely possible that the current crew at SNL — onstage and in the writers’ room — just isn’t cut out for the heavy comedic lifting that the 2016 election will require. The stakes are higher than they used to be when it comes to political comedy. This gang occasionally excels at making fun of celebrities (and themselves) and inventing strange characters, but they just aren’t ready for an election cycle that has so far proven to be more bizarre than past SNL casts ever had to handle.

That weakness can easily express itself as desperation — and desperation may be the reason SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels invited Trump to host a full show, rather than use him in a more traditional cameo.

And, of course, SNL acknowledged and spoofed the furor over Trump hosting the show.

“You’re a racist!” Larry David yelled, interrupting Donald Trump.

“Who the hell is–-oh, I knew this was going to happen,” Trump responded. “Who is that?”

“Trump’s a racist!” David yelled again. “I heard if I did that, they’d give me $5,000,” he added.

To which Donald Trump responded, “”As a businessman, I can fully respect that.”

Deport Racism made good on their pledge to give the person who called Trump a “racist” $5,000.

Donald Trump gave a good performance in a very hard gig.

Running for president is hard.

Comedy is murder.