Jeb Bush is in big trouble.

Jeb! Bush is in big trouble.

THE CAMPAIGN of Jeb Bush is failing, but what I cannot understand is why everyone is so shocked. In the current climate, why would the Bushes believe Americans would elect another family member to the presidency?

When you have a presidential candidate who is blaming voters for their choices there is only one way Jeb!’s campaign can go and that’s staying in single digits.

“If this election is about how we’re going to fight to get nothing done? Then I don’t anything – I don’t want any part of it. I don’t want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock just become so dominant that people literally are in decline in their lives. That is NOT my motivation. I gotta a lot of REALLY cool things that I could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. THAT is a joke. ELECT TRUMP if you want that.” – Jeb Bush

The entitlement in this rant is embarrassing. What it says about the character of Jeb Bush is revealing.

Jeb! is basically threatening voters, saying if you don’t get with it you won’t have me to kick around anymore. Channeling his worst Nixon, does Mr. Bush think this will arouse voters to his side?

The latest polling illustrates that Jeb!’s problem is wider and deeper than he has the ability to imagine. The latest CBS/NYT poll

Twenty-six percent of Republican primary voters back Carson, giving him a four-point edge over Trump (22 percent). Support for Carson has quadrupled since August.

The rest of the Republican presidential candidates lag far behind in single digits. Marco Rubio is now in third place (eight percent), followed by Jeb Bush (seven percent) and Carly Fiorina (seven percent). All other candidates are at four percent or lower.

Tomorrow’s debate should be very interesting. Jeb! has to make a move and do it with aplomb or the bottom just may fall out.