Hillary's going to lose, so says a Democratic insider who thinks electing the first woman is nothing.By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

Hillary’s going to lose, so says a Democratic insider who thinks electing the first woman is nothing.
By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

The poll found the former secretary of state garnering 75 percent of the vote in a potential Democratic primary. Her closest challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, received only 15 percent of Democrats’ support, while former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley were supported by fewer than 5 percent of respondents. [Politico]

THE LATEST polling is going to make the anti-Hillary contingent weep. Especially the former Bill Clinton aide, a man who couldn’t get the Democratic gubernatorial nomination after running twice in Connecticut, who writes a word salad invective over at Salon.com, a place where insanity and Hillary hate goes to spread its wings.

In the annals of windbaggery, Bill Curry’s post declaring that “Hillary is going to lose” is a doozy. That he’s got 490 Twitter followers and Salon.com has positioned him as “a columnist” worthy of the pronouncements he’s making reveals what it takes to get web page ink in 2015.

His post distinguishes itself in several ways. One, he manages to completely ignore the polling of Democratic potential voters that has Clinton trouncing her opponents. Two, Curry never uses the word “woman” once, because like so many establishment weenies he doesn’t think that electing the first woman president matters a whit.

Democratic elites don’t want to hear it but Hillary Clinton’s in trouble. It isn’t in all the data yet though you can find it if you look. In a straw poll taken in early June at a Wisconsin Democratic convention she edged out Bernie Sanders by just 8 points, 49% to 41%. In a poll of N.H. primary voters this week she beat Sanders by 41% to 31%. An Ohio poll had her in a dead heat with the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. If Sanders can poll 40% in a Wisconsin straw poll in June he can do it an Iowa caucus in January. Imagine a Hillary Clinton who just lost Iowa and New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders. It’s still hard to picture but it gets easier every day.

You don’t win your next race running someone else’s last one. Trying to do so, Clinton repeats her big mistake of 2008: not sensing the times. There are smaller changes she can make right now: hire better speech writers, including at least one with a sense of humor; put her family foundation under independent management; tell her husband to stop giving speeches or else start talking for free. But her whole campaign model is wrong. ‘Clinton Democrats’ hate to admit there are issues you can’t finesse or that they must ever choose between the middle class and the donor class. Clinton better figure it out now. When the data’s all in it will be too late.

“Not sensing the times” includes Clinton calling out the incarceration apartheid in our country; putting her name behind addressing the heroin epidemic in rural communities; addressing voting rights disparities, something she’s fought her whole life to fix; and continuing to fight for women’s reproductive rights, which Texas is ignoring and is now headed to the Supreme Court, a fight which she intends to apply to global politics. I’d say Clinton is not only running on today’s most important issues, but going one step further by challenging the money in politics that has hurt her, specifically, through Citizens United and “The Hillary Movie.”

Hillary Clinton could lose the nomination and there’s no one in camp Clinton who doesn’t know she has to work her ass off to come close to nabbing it. She’s been defamed for 20 years and is still expected to have a resume that none of her male predecessors running for president has ever had to accumulate. After all, she’s a woman, so she must be 25% smarter, 50% more earnest, and 100% more progressive to pass the I SWEAR I’M PROGRESSIVE, SO HELP ME GOD test.

No presidential candidate has ever lost the nomination over a trade pact stance. That Hillary Clinton is expected to stand apart from every establishment player in the Democratic and Republican parties, after being against NAFTA during her husband’s presidency,” is lunacy, considering that most American voters just want to buy the cheapest goods they can, because their paychecks won’t spread far enough. Try a Republican in the White House and see what you get.

There’s only one way Clinton will lose the nomination and it’s foreshadowed by a Democratic insider who can’t even utter the word that is exciting so many inside the party, because it is historic for the majority of the American populace who votes. WOMAN.

Hillary Clinton is the first woman with the foreign policy chops, the name recognition and the cash to compete in the all men’s club that women have elected for over 150 years.

So if she doesn’t win the nomination it’s because America doesn’t want a woman president and Democrats won’t fight to make this history for women.

It’s not all that complicated.