Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will invoke Roosevelt in her first campaign rally on the 2016 season. By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

Hillary Clinton will invoke Roosevelt in her first campaign rally on the 2016 season.
By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, and daughter, Chelsea, will appear with her at the rally, the first time the family will make a joint campaign appearance since Mrs. Clinton became a candidate. – Amy Chozick [New York Times]

WHEN HILLARY CLINTON takes the stage on the island in New York named for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, she will embrace the New Deal in a speech that is representative of the innumerable political declarations she’s already made since announcing her candidacy for president.

This is Hillary running her way, which can only happen by stepping beyond her famously gifted husband, declaring separate politics that he could never promote, because much to the amazement of many, ignorance of some, Ms. Clinton’s politics has always been different from her husband’s. Progressive domestically, on foreign policy and military matters she has allies in the Pentagon her husband could only dream of having on his side.

Saturday is a very big day for team Clinton, with expectations high. The setting fits the moment. Four Freedoms Park where in 1941 President Roosevelt gave his “Message to Congress” (pdf), which is remarkable to read.

Mrs. Clinton will deliver the speech at Four Freedoms Park, a memorial with a grassy tree-lined mall, named after the four tenets that Roosevelt presented in his 1941 State of the Union address: freedom of speech and worship, and freedom from want and fear.

She has defined her campaign as taking on “four fights,” including strengthening the economy, helping families and communities, getting unaccountable money out of politics and protecting the country from foreign threats.

She is expected to evoke Roosevelt’s policies to reiterate her belief that government is needed to help lift wages, create jobs, make college and health care more affordable, and rebuild antiquated infrastructure.

[New York Times]

It is a very big day for women in America, because Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is the realization of two hundred years, 18 million cracks, and more entries on a resume than most men who’ve held the office of president have ever had to accumulate.

Women need this breakthrough, the girls growing up depend on Hillary Clinton finally manifesting the promise of our country that women have been instrumental in building. We have elected important men over two centuries and we’ve stood by the leaders of the Democratic party who have championed women’s rights for us, because until the modern era women weren’t allowed at the table where decisions were made.

The Sunday shows will critique her every word, dissect the setting and the marketing, but all that matters is whether Hillary Clinton channels the fighting spirit we all saw at the end of the 2008 campaign.

That’s what so many people are waiting to see and hear; to get that feeling again.

It will take every single person believing that America must have a woman president to make the nomination of Hillary Clinton a reality. The sexism and misogyny that are the foundation of our culture requires dismantling, but to do that women’s role in leadership must be equal at all levels, which can’t happen until we have a woman president.

Just this week United States Senator Mark Kirk, talking about Senator Lindsay Graham not having a first lady to hold the job, said that he was a “bro with no ho.” This is at the center of American culture, this attitude, the mortifying reality that a senator can refer flippantly to any woman in this manner and think it’s okay, that it’s funny.

It is this type of demeaning characterization that makes women’s ambitions of leadership seem outlandish, the very nature of the dismissive tone relegate women to lesser than men.

The media’s apathy towards the importance of electing the first woman has been on display for months, their bias, their obsession with minutia that has no bearing on the lives of Americans, it all reveals the disrespect women vying for access to power usually controlled only by men have to battle even now.

It’s like people are embarrassed and want to make people feel inhibited about being excited over the possibility of the first woman president and the importance of this event to our country.

Get excited, because this is a huge event for our country.

Imagine a little girl somewhere in America suddenly seeing a woman president on the television, running this country, commanding the U.S. Armed Forces. A woman American president in the world… The possibility of challenging an honor killing of a woman and calling it what it is, murder. She could authentically speak for us all, show outrage of the stoning a woman put to death for being raped, while the man gets off without punishment. Make human rights are women’s rights an international call. Stand proudly for women’s rights and self-determination, because no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her own body.

Of course, Hillary Clinton can only be as strong as the people of this country and their will to change what’s happening into something Roosevelt would recognize. A land of opportunity for everyone, which begins with rebuilding the middle class, which today means two incomes, with women and their husbands sharing all duties equally, with both parents having opportunities to be present in their children’s lives. That means corporations who understand that shareholders aren’t the only people who matter.

18 million cracks is nothing compared to what’s possible this time.