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Senate Health Care Bill Unites Left and Right


Compliments of Ed Morissey of Hot Air

Thought you might like to see my appearance with Matt Lewis on MSNBC earlier this week.

Ed might want to rethink this line: There are more death panels in ObamaCare than there are monopolies in health insurance.

Also, I’m not against health care reform, what Ed calls “Obamacare,” but what Dems have crafted so far doesn’t cut it.

He also takes issue with my use of the word monopoly, though it’s a small quibble. Insurance companies competing for MANDATED customers, when there isn’t an outsider involved that offers competition, because after all the insurance industry agrees on the rates they will offer, is monopolizing a system while Democrats are throwing people into it, because if they refuse the IRS will fine them.

And since I’ve got this video up, I’m looking for someone to capture my media appearances when they happen, as the person I used before isn’t available any longer. Contact me if you’re interested.

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