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The Legacy of Deadeye Dick

The Legacy of Deadeye Dick updated There is a reason Republicans are losing the west one person at a time, […]

Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter

Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter updated Elizabeth Edwards phoned into “Hardball” today and called Ann Coulter out. Part of the conversation […]

The CIA ‘Family Jewels’

The CIA ‘Family Jewels’ updated More like dirty laundry if you ask me. But regardless, they’re now online. It’s really […]

Immigration Bill Moves Forward

Immigration Bill Moves Forward bumped VIDEO: Immigration debate The president “misspoke” this morning, says Tony Snow. I’ll say. “You know, […]

Democrats Gain on National Security

Republicans cement their xeonophobia, while Democrats gain on the economy, the War in Iraq, Government Ethics, but most important for […]

Iraq: Strategic Reset

Iraq: Strategic Reset bumped “What I found in discussions with current and former members of this administration is that there […]

Whitman Slams Rudy

…and gets slammed herself. Uh-oh, the 9/11 Rudy myth is being challenged. What will he run on now? Former Environmental […]

Oink! Oink!

This sexist article about Hillaryland and all her gal pals helped kick it off. But if you’re not watching Matthews’ […]

Clinton and the Polls

The latest polls in Iowa show that even though Clinton’s campaign in that state faltered badly, she has now gained […]

A Warm Bucket of Piss

A Warm Bucket of Piss

A Warm Bucket of Piss guest post by Mash The Vice President of the United States, Richard B. Cheney, should […]


Rogue updated Spine alert. It’s been located. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) said he plans to propose next week, as part […]

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