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Farsi, Anyone?

Farsi, Anyone? A good thing to packwhen going to Iraq. Yesterday on Tim Russert\’s all boys\’ political version of \”The […]

The Malleable Contender

**Please see very important updates at the bottom of this post.** The Straight Talk Express has moved. Literally. Back up […]

Toward a More Unstable World

Toward a More Unstable World guest post by Mash In his often brilliant, and sometimes misguided, analysis of the international […]

Escalation or Bust!

Escalation or Bust Maneuvers. When the Senate should be raising the Capitol roof. Caution is not the better part of […]

The Shrinking Senate

The Shrinking Senate Watch the video. \”I don\’t want this vote to occur. …\” – Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott […]

Obama’s Nevada Fly-Over

cross-posted on Huffington Post If anyone’s keeping score this early, this one beats a verbal gaffe or any blogger brouhaha […]

Stopping George Bush’s War

Stopping George Bush\’s War –updated below– Lieberman is crying fire! Meanwhile, his boy Dan Gerstein proves why bloggers (and progressive […]

Obama Skipping Carson City Forum

–updated– Politico\’s report that Clinton and Obama won\’t be at the Carson City forum is half wrong as of this […]


HOT TOPICS We\’ve just added a new feature, compliments of my tech team Orange Geek. It\’s called \”Hot Topics.\” Check […]

Recruiting Criminals

Recruiting Criminals Watch John Roberts/CNN Isn\’t this lovely? Of course, it\’s been talked about before. Oh, and since we seem […]

Tim Hardaway’s Homophobia

Tim Hardaway\’s Homophobia Listen to Tim Hardaway The prejudice is out of the bag. Hardaway revealed it today. It\’s edifying […]

Scooter, Shooter and Firedoglake

Scooter, Shooter and Firedoglake –video update– My friends over at Firedoglake got some long overdue, well deserved press today. I […]

Funny Wingnuts a Flop

Funny Wingnuts a Flop As someone who has a lot of performance experience I can tell you, comedy is dangerous […]

Clinton Challenges Bush on Iran

Clinton Challenges Bush on Iran –updated below– cross-posted on Huffington Post Watch the video. Senator Clinton took to the Senate […]

Eat Your Heart Out, Rush

Eat Your Heart Out, Rush It\’s on. Franken\’s running for Senate. Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh running for Senate? He\’d […]

FRAG Kit 5

FRAG Kit 5 Memo to all of the presidential wannabes: I\’m sick of hearing your speeches and seeing you shake […]

More Muskie than McGovern

cross-posted on Huffington Post Harold ruminates. The topic is right on, especially after Hillary hit New Hampshire. … By 1972, […]

Targeting Democrats

Targeting Democrats What exactly was behind the whole Nancy Pelosi wants a big plane story? You\’ve really got to wonder […]

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