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Slick Mitt Flips Again

I simply cannot keep track anymore. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said this week that as president he would allow […]

Here Come the Iraq Ads

Taylor Marsh LIVE! 3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific Missed the show? Podcast is up. These ads are deadly. They’re […]

Clinton Slams Bush

Clinton Slams Bush updated This is a statement from Hillary Clinton, just released, in response to Bush’s drivel this morning. […]

The Surge and The Spin

The Surge and The Spin

graphic via The New Yorker VIDEO: It’s getting messy. Nothing is causing more consternation among Democratic candidates than the upcoming […]

Catfight Alert

Michelle Obama was targeting Hillary Clinton! Alert the media. Oh, never mind, they’re all over it. But the family decided […]

Drowsy Gets Smacked

Drowsy Gets Smacked

Drowsy Gets Smacked updated & bumped screen capture via Crooks & Liars Lane Hudson files a complaint. It’s a thing […]

Fork It Over

Ads like the one above are being used against politicians who refuse to stand up and do what’s needed on […]

Hack Pack Strikes Again

Hack Pack Strikes Again

They evidently ran out of cleavage material. The tracker shows that someone using an Obama for America computer visited the […]

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