Michelle Obama To The Rescue

Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected. “” mo via Twitter

On Rosengate, point goes to Mitt Romney.

The First Lady tweeted so.

We have the first unforced error of 2012 […]

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Shrill for the Women’s Vote: Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen Go to War

My Twitter feed was on fire after an appearance last night on CNN’s AC360, where I said that I thought it was wrong for Mitt Romney to be using his wife as his guide […]

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Queer Talk: Obama Delays Implementation of Promised Work Place Protection

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

From ThinkProgress, late Wednesday afternoon: BREAKING: White House To Delay Implementation Of Key Anti-Discrimination Order.

I think this might answer the “will Obama […]

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Washington Post Reporting: Zimmerman to be Charged


News breaking in the last hour…
Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the […]

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Women Get Sick Without 30 Minutes of Exercise Daily

Looking at more than 1,000 men and women from a nationally represented sample, the researchers found that women were getting only about 18 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise daily, compared to men who, on average, […]

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Rick Santorum Crashes, Adult Industry Celebrates

“America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography. It contributes to misogyny and violence against women. It is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking.” – Santorum Declares War on Porn Industry

Rick […]

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Zimmerman Lawyers Quit, Say He Called Sean Hannity and Prosecutor

Late Tuesday evening, Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner, the attorneys for George Zimmerman, suddenly announced they were dropping out of the case, citing their client’s behavior, which can only be called erratic.

In another […]

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Rick Santorum Suspends Campaign, Fantasizing about 2016

He’s out.

Rick Santorum simply had to save himself from another humiliation in Pennsylvania.

The news broke while I was on a late lunch, caught between crunches at the gym.

Perhaps meeting with conservatives solidified that if […]

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Queer Talk: Obama Should Enter WH ‘LGBT Pride Month Champions of Change Video Challenge’

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

This is the perfect opportunity for Mr. Obama to take the next big step in his evolution as a “fierce advocate” for LGBT […]

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