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Clinton Used Media to Spook Chinese, Turning the Diplomatic Game in U.S. Favor

“It doesn’t mean they always agree,” he told me. “You can see them influencing each other’s views.” – Denis McDonough in “Head of State”

“It was a standoff,” [Secretary Clinton] told me, “for 24 difficult […]

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So Long Arab Spring, Hello Egyptian Military Constitutional Coup

Katatny reiterated that ­Brotherhood legislators intend to attend a scheduled session of parliament Tuesday, a move that could provoke a confrontation between the Islamist lawmakers and security forces. Other prominent politicians called on […]

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Bill Kristol Gives Mitt Romney Some Good Advice

WHILE DAVID PLOUFFE tried to make the case that Pres. Obama’s executive order on DREAMers wasn’t at all political, which is laughable on its face, Bill Kristol nailed the situation on the Republican side […]

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Pro Austerity Pasok Wins in Greece, But Tsipras Isn’t Going Anywhere

An early risk asset rally has faltered as traders turn their attention away from Greece and to rising Spanish bond yields. – Financial Times

TOO CLOSE TO CALL ended with pro bailout, conservative New Democracy […]

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Vagina Sunday

“…the status of the fetus as human life does not equal that of the mother. …” – Rep. Lisa Brown, Michigan Democrat silenced for saying “vagina.”

WHAT A WEEK it was.

Some legislators “” […]

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Greek Elections Sunday: Will Anti-Austerity Party Syriza Win?

Central banks from Tokyo to London checked their ammunition on Friday in preparation for any turmoil from Greece’s election, with the European Central Bank hinting at an interest rate cut and Britain set to […]

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Speaking of Feminism

If the movement had been serious about being serious then the idea could not have caught on that equal is how you feel. Or that how anyone feels about anything matters at all. Men […]

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Pres. Obama Interrupted by Conservative Reporter from Daily Caller

Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief: “I don’t remember Diane Sawyer scolding her colleague Sam Donaldson for heckling President Reagan. And she shouldn’t have. A reporter’s job is to ask questions and get answers. Our job is […]

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Obama Moves to Enact Parts of DREAM Act Without Republicans

**UPDATED BELOW: Rep. Steve King to sue over policy**

THE ELECTION YEAR IMMIGRATION move comes after a series of articles revealed real angst inside the Hispanic community over Pres. Obama’s deportation milestone, which puts him […]

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