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Oh, Pakistan

Yet again we put General Musharaff’s hide above fighting terrorism at its root. I don’t want to hear another wingnut […]

Fred Thompson and the Gag Rule

Of all people, Fred Thompson, who served as Nixon’s rat during the Watergate hearings, should know that it’s not the […]

Shuster v. Ajami Smackdown

Shuster v. Ajami Smackdown updated If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it immediately. It’s the video event of the […]

Biden on Blogs

Biden answering a question posed by your humble blog reporter. Classic. Biden bitching and moaning about blogs, while he continues […]

Join Hands and Bomb Iran

Join Hands and Bomb Iran updated below Mr. Lieberman needs to decide quickly what is in the best interests of […]

Rudy’s Got Enemies

That’s an understatement, but the above video is really something. Via Wonkette, thanks to reader cp. Complete with Rudy’s official […]

Domenici Speaks and So What?

Why are people hyperventilating? Senator Domenici postures about Iraq, and everyone thinks it’s “breaking news.” Not until these Republicans, who […]

Is Radio Fred Dead?

As you all know, I’ve been smacking around wingnuts for years. So when Fred Thompson decided to maybe run for […]

Gephardt to Endorse Clinton

Gephardt to Endorse Clinton* What does this mean? Well, as a born and raised Missourian myself, it isn’t nothing, because […]

Libby’s Money Pimp

Turns out Fred Thompson has a long history of helping the insiders. He’s especially adept at helping those under investigation […]

No Independence Today

America wakes up in bondage today. There’s no other way to see it. A president and vice president have taken […]

A Conversation on Impeachment

A Conversation on Impeachment updated Speaker Pelosi has said that “impeachment is off the table.” For many, the commutation of […]

The Biggest Gun of All

photo by Chris Schneider @ The Rocky Straight up let me say that I’m biased when it comes to Bill, […]

Dumb Democrats on Fox

This really is classic. Another beauty is the Wall Street Journal today that says Bush didn’t go far enough. But […]

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