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Elizabeth Edwards on Clinton

Elizabeth Edwards on Clinton bumped Matt Drudge didn’t waste much time moving on this interview on Salon with Elizabeth Edwards: […]

Sirius Branded ‘Worser Person’

“Sirius Liberty!” Keith Olbermann branded Sirius with the title last night and for good reason. “Sirius Left” hardly compares to […]

NIE Shorthand

NIE Shorthand updated VIDEO (update): Townsend on the NIE We’re not safer. Is that short enough for you? And I […]

Make the Republicans Filibuster

Make the Republicans Stand and Filibuster updated Dear Harry Reid, Stop just showing up and do your job. There’s really […]

Saudi Suicide Bombers in Iraq

The murdering jackass is running his greatest 9/11 hits again, which is great timing at the least, considering this latest […]

Sirius Radio Slaps Liberal Hosts

Sirius Radio Slaps Liberal Hosts updated “Sirius Left” vs. “Sirius Patriot.” How about “Sirius Liberty” instead? This is so typical. […]

Grading on a Curve for the Wrong Test

Expert guest post by Winslow T. Wheeler, Director Straus Military Reform Project Center for Defense Information President George W. Bush’s […]

Race Relations 101

PICTURE OF THE WEEK image via Jeffrey Feldman If you want to improve your standing with the minority community there’s […]

Baghdad Bergner

Baghdad Bergner updated below Yesterday we got an ear full of propaganda on how wonderful the surge is going, but […]

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