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Race Relations 101

PICTURE OF THE WEEK image via Jeffrey Feldman If you want to improve your standing with the minority community there’s […]

Baghdad Bergner

Baghdad Bergner updated below Yesterday we got an ear full of propaganda on how wonderful the surge is going, but […]

The Residual Force Question

Double standard or sexism vs. free ride, but definitely held to different standards. The question I asked John Edwards about […]

Bush Veto Threat on Iran

Yesterday the Senate overwhelmingly approved (97-0) the Joe Lieberman amendment (S 2011) to the defense spending bill, focusing on Iran […]

Rudy’s 9/11 Myth in Flames

Rudy’s 9/11 Myth in Flames updated The alternate headline was When Firefighters Fight Back. There’s real life reality; then there’s […]

It’s Called Contempt

It’s like the White House is daring Democrats to challenge their disrespect and complete disregard for Congress, waiting for Democrats […]

Getting that ‘Gut Feeling’

Getting that ‘Gut Feeling’ updated Now that the terrorist alert level has been raised to GUT by Mr. Chertoff, which […]

The Empathy of John Edwards

Picture a little bald baby in a stroller with an Edwards for president sticker slapped on his forehead. Logan Wilson, […]

Reporting on John Edwards

Today I’ll be watching and reporting on John Edwards as he conducts a town hall meeting in front of Sheet […]

Clinton’s Iraq Speech Nails It

In a nutshell. “We cannot effectively address any of these challenges if we continue our military engagement in Iraq. As […]

Iraq War Claims McCain

The “terrorists” and Al Qaeda have finally hit a target over here. John McCain’s presidential ambitions have exploded with headlines […]

Mr. 29%

Shorter Bush: you suck. Oh, and your policies are even worse. So anyone standing anywhere near him (you listening, Normie?) […]

Sex and The Sanctimonious Senator

Sex and The Sanctimonious Senator updated Liars! The allegation is “absolutely and completely untrue.” It’s “just crass Louisiana politics.” It’s […]

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