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The Real Rudy

Compliments of Brave New Films. Rudy said previously that he couldn’t possibly name his mistakes in 30 seconds. You can […]

Bush Visits Iraq

Here’s the caption under the photo: President Bush, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after […]

James Gandolfini and The Heroes

James Gandolfini and The Heroes

Veteran Dawn HalfakerPortraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Set your calendars for next Sunday to watch yet another special from HBO that […]

Beignets and Circuses?

Beignets and Circuses?

Beignets and Circuses? guest post by Cujo359 Remember New Orleans? It was a city in Louisiana at the mouth of […]

Sunday Slacking

Sunday Slacking

While we close out the summer (and prepare to put our white shoes away), Bush has been making special plans […]

Hannity’s Hypocrisy

Hannity’s Hypocrisy bumped YouTube via C&L It never ends. Nugent is Hannity’s hero. He’s a good friend of Mr. Fox […]

VA-Sen: Warner to Retire?

VA-Sen: Warner to Retire? by BooMan It’s a simple truth that Democrats can’t get much done if they can’t convince […]

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