Taylor Marsh is an author and speaker, political writer, and relationship expert. Marsh was profiled in the Washington Post and the New Republic, which led to her second book, The Hillary Effect, that chronicles Clinton’s rise and the sexism she faced during the 2008 campaign. Her latest book, The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen – Relationship Secrets from the Trenches chronicles over ten years inside the dating, sex and relationship worlds, where Marsh demystifies the challenges women face, from career and relationship demands, to finding personal fulfillment, offering solutions, as well as finally answering whether women can “have it all.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 5.12.27 PM2016 PODCAST SERIES: The Stiletto Edition

Mitt Romney Minute: On Leno Says Tough Luck if You Don’t Get Insurance When Healthy

Art offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

As this week’s epic SCOTUS hearing unfolded with the 5 Republican justices hammering away at the Affordable Care Act and Democrats freaked out about the […]

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PRIVACY WATCH: CultofMac Busts Notorious ‘Girls Around Me’ Ap, But Will Facebook Act?

Facebook has just released a statement to Cult of Mac, saying that they are currently investigating the app. We hope to have more details shortly. – CultofMac

Aps are irresistible, but they are also insidious […]

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Queer Talk: Evolving, It Isn’t Just for Democrats

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

“Evolving” isn’t just for Mr. Obama, or looking further back, for the Democratic party in general. When pragmatic politics require an Elected to […]

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Keith Olbermann Out at CurrentTV, Eliot Spitzer In

Current said on Friday afternoon that it had fired Mr. Olbermann ““ one of the nation’s most prominent progressive speakers ““ just a year into his five-year, $50 million contract. It was the culmination […]

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Conservative ‘New Right’ Sees Method to Unscientific Madness

Attacking the messenger is nothing new in politics.

Conservatives are applying this across the board, utilizing what William F. Buckley once told Charlie Rose was conservatism’s main goal: attacking and fighting against issues. […]

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Republicans Breitbart Supreme Court Audio, Tampering with Tape in ‘Mash-up’

Recordings of the court proceedings reviewed by Bloomberg News reveal that the audio has been edited. – Bloomberg

In other words, it’s been give the Breitbart treatment.

This stunt won’t make the walk into modernity for […]

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Stupid Celebrities Targeting Zimmerman’s Parents

The comedian Roseanne Barr last night tweeted the home address of George Zimmerman’s parents to her 110,000-plus Twitter followers, only to delete the posting after “not fully understanding that it was private not public.” […]

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FP Report: Israel Buys Airfield in Azerbaijan

From Foreign Policy, Mark Perry breaking the story:

[…] In particular, four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers say that the United States has concluded that Israel has recently been granted access to airbases on […]

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Pop Goes the Obama Bubble

“Guys, NOW you’re going to change the language of the mandate?” – Chuck Todd, “Daily Rundown”

They’re spiking the Kool-Aid in Obamaland tonight.

Preemptive freak out over what the Supreme Court hasn’t done yet is in […]

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