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Monday Message

It’s really simple. … .. As opinion turns more decisively against the war, the administration is becoming ever more dismissive […]

Harry Reid Shrugs Off Censure

VIDEO: Senator Reid on “Face the Nation” VIDEO: Senator Reid on censure (only) Senator Russ Feingold is going to offer […]

Positively Unpresidential

via When I saw the photos of Mitt holding the sign bashing Clinton, there was only one conclusion. But […]

Rudy Shouts…

Compliments of Greg Sargent, who also explains. Not very family values of him, is it? Happy weekend!

Clinton Sends a Letter to Gates

I’ll see your letter and raise you some legislation. That ought to get the job done. Greg Sargent has Clinton’s […]

Kennedy Slams Coleman Over Radio

The most democratic form of talk radio doesn’t come through paid satellite radio or the internets. It comes through good […]

Plame Case Dismissed

Plame Case Dismissed updated NEVER FORGET… Valerie Plame was Covert. Period. Valerie Plame Valerie Plame on Robert Novak leaking her […]

It’s Blogosphere Day

Today is the 4th blogosphere day with Act Blue. It’s a perfect time to invest in the progressive Democratic infrastructure […]

The Truth Haunts Fred

Mr. Thompson has a problem with the truth. The LA Times came at him with it once. The New York […]

Michael Vick is a Disgrace

Michael Vick – Atlanta Falcons(photo: Tami Chappell, Reuters) For you parents out there who think athletes should be held up […]

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