Taylor Marsh is an author and speaker, political writer, and relationship expert. Marsh was profiled in the Washington Post and the New Republic, which led to her second book, The Hillary Effect, that chronicles Clinton’s rise and the sexism she faced during the 2008 campaign. Her latest book, The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen – Relationship Secrets from the Trenches chronicles over ten years inside the dating, sex and relationship worlds, where Marsh demystifies the challenges women face, from career and relationship demands, to finding personal fulfillment, offering solutions, as well as finally answering whether women can “have it all.”

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Coke Quits ALEC on Threat of Color of Change Boycott

Unfortunately, the rapid spread of these proposals in states as different as Florida and Wisconsin is not occurring by accident. Instead, many of these laws are being drafted and spread through corporate-backed entities such […]

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Condi’s Adviser: ‘War Crimes’ Were Committed

Documents now made public prove that Philip Zelikow told the Bush administration that their policy of “enhanced interrogations” amounted to felony war crimes. That means the policies Pres. Obama followed after Bush, also […]

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Obama Signs STOCK Act

What is it?

The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act prohibits members and employees of Congress from using “any nonpublic information derived from the individual’s position”¦ or gained from performance of the individual’s duties, […]

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Keith to Dave: ‘I screwed up’

“Do they know what they’re doing over there?” – Dave Letterman

The biggest casualty last night was Current TV.

Olbermann said he had no idea if “Countdown” had ever aired, because he couldn’t find […]

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Tennessee Poised to Approve Anti-Evolution Law

(d) Neither the state board of education, nor any public elementary or secondary school governing authority, director of schools, school system administrator, or any public elementary or secondary school principal or administrator shall prohibit […]

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Putting the Bimbo in Blonde and Birtherism

Heather Childers, a “straight news” anchor for the Fox News weekend program America’s News Headquarters and co-host of Fox & Friends First, tweeted this afternoon: “Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 […]

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Obama Slams Budget as ‘Laughable’ on Romney’s Big Wins Day

Mitt Romney won Maryland, D.C. and Wisconsin, then delivered a speech that began lifelessly when he said Paul Ryan won’t ever replace Ann when it comes to introductions. But the end of his […]

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Trayvon Martin: Pick Your Side, Justice Denied

**updated with NBC apology**

“Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and the back of his head.” – Police Report, released by the Orlando Sentinel

“You can cancel second rescue. Second patient is not a gunshot.” […]

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ABC’s Analysis on Women Voters Leans Right and Just a Little Bit Sexist

This latest article from ABC’s Matt Negrin not only misinforms, but it’s misleading and misogynistic, until the piece turns to women pollsters for answers.

Generally, according to research by Democrats, unmarried women care more […]

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