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Reid Calls Washington Post Out

Reid Calls Washington Post Out Remember this editorial just recently? Reid responded today. Your editorial wrongly asserted that “a large […]

AP: Proof Gonzales Lied

AP: Proof Gonzales Lied updated VIDEO: AP story via David Shuster Caught. Documents show that eight congressional leaders were briefed […]

It’s Contempt

It’s Contempt Party line vote, 22-17, the charge of contempt is levied. The House Judiciary Committee, in a straight party-line […]

Fox Pushes Patton Parody

Evidently, Fox “News” didn’t get Grover’s memo. “The one-paragraph explanation of what we’re doing in Iraq has to have the […]

Clinton Camp Clobbers Bill-O

C&L has more. Remember the 2004 election? Remember Bill O’Reilly telling Democrats that if they’d come on his show their […]

Bring Your Cash & Your Uzi!

As part of a gun owning family, I’ve got a high respect for firearm ownership, as well as a strong […]

Hell on Earth, Gonzales Edition

Christy is liveblogging the slaughter. Don’t miss TPMmuckraker, or Think Progress. GONZALES: The disagreement that occurred was about other intelligence […]

IRAQ: Buckle Up Until 2009

This shouldn’t shock anyone. While Washington is mired in political debate over the future of Iraq, the American command here […]

Edwards Video a Winner

Edwards Video a Winner updated At the CNN-YouTube debate tonight, all the candidates offered YouTube videos. Clinton’s bombed. What a […]

CNN YouTube Debate

CNN YouTube Debate updated UPDATE: Lots of YouTube clips over at PoliticsTV. This question would likely make the head of […]

One Conservative Stands Up

Against the Gitmo detainee hearings. He has been called a whistleblower and a traitor. On July 26, he is to […]

Day Off

Have a great day. I’m taking a much needed day off (from blogging). Some things I’m working on require my […]

Monday Message

It’s really simple. … .. As opinion turns more decisively against the war, the administration is becoming ever more dismissive […]

Harry Reid Shrugs Off Censure

VIDEO: Senator Reid on “Face the Nation” VIDEO: Senator Reid on censure (only) Senator Russ Feingold is going to offer […]

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