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Iowa is All Tied Up

If it’s happening outside of the reality of YearlyKos is it happening at all? Seriously, in the midst of the […]

YearlyKos: General Wesley Clark

YearlyKos: General Wesley Clark TM is serving as a volunteer on the advisory committee to the convention’s leadership forum. “That […]


Incoming! updated Well, that didn’t take long. Obama is hearing it from all quarters, though this is just silly. Via […]

Documenting 9/11: The Film ’9/12′

Documenting 9/11: The Film ’9/12′ “From Chaos to Community,” directed Susanna Styron, produced by Jackie Ochs – reporting from YearlyKos […]

YearlyKos Now

YearlyKos Now Biden update below reporting from YearlyKos TM is serving as a volunteer on the advisory committee to the […]

Classic Gonzo

It’s a steroid versioin of the dog ate my homework…. and then threw it up. “I recognize that the use […]

Give Brit Hume a Medal

video via Diane Blogger outrage from Fox, the sequel. Enter Brit Hume. Seriously, this guy should get an Emmy for […]

Obama to Target Pakistan

If the speech is what ABC news is reporting, Obama just set a new line in the sand that challenges […]

Chicago Bound!

I’m off to Chicago and YearlyKos, much to Bill O’Reilly’s chagrin. I’m hoping Fox has a camera crew there and […]

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