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Messy Exit

All of the Democratic candidates want out of Iraq. We are all united on this point. From there, however, the […]

Rep. Rangel: Obama Not Ready

Clinton gives Rangel a hug. Republicans are in a tailspin over Bush’s war, content to wait out escalation until the […]


Sucker bumped This is what passes for wisdom in Washington. A top strategist for the Texas Democrats who was disappointed […]

Play Ball Sunday

Spring tulips in a barrel. Diane Feinstein, one more time, but that’s it for the girls this Sunday, except for […]

Presidential Money

Less than seven hours left. Jermone talks it up and Edwards is obviously “on fire,” then there’s Obama, but other […]

Rudy, Mrs. Rudy, and the Thug

I don’t blame any woman or man for marrying up. But there’s something about Mrs. Rudy that smacks of classic […]

Get Your Freak On

video via TBogg Tonight the feature is a round up of the most succulently delicious blogger battle worthy of more […]

Stupid Gun Law

This is likely the stupidest thing you're ever going to read regarding U.S. gun laws. Members of Congress and designated […]

Alberto’s Embarrassment

Alberto\’s Embarrassment C-SPAN Sampson testimony There will be an hour break around 12:30 p.m., but it will resume afterwards. Video […]

After the Veto

After the Veto Democrats have two big wins under their belt. Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid held tough and Republicans […]

‘MC Rove’

\”MC Rove\” The correspondence dinner was missing something this year. That was especially true when it came to Bush\’s segment. […]

Saudis Walk Away from Junior

The Saudi King will not be coming to dinner. Oh, and neither will Jordan’s King Abdullah. However, it’s the former […]

Wargaming Iran

Wargaming Iran bumped on new developments UPDATE from very early a.m. posting (9:35 a.m.): Pictures just released on MSNBC. There […]

Obama Taking Incoming

Read Greenwald. Last night, The Politico\’s Mike Allen published a petty, trite hit piece on Barack Obama — entitled Rookie […]

Prayers for Tony Snow

Prayers for Tony Snow This is just horrible news. The cancer has spread to his liver. Fight, Tony, fight.

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