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Misinformation Alert!

This is rich, especially coming from Bill Sammon. He’s the guy who fed Bush that last question in his press […]

Team Clinton Rising

Team Clinton Rising

Team Clinton Rising updated “A Mother’s Strength, a Candidate’s Ambition”VIDEO: Clinton on “Meet the Press” Last Monday when Clinton unveiled […]

I’m Like So Upset

I’m Like So Upset via TPM … and I have no idea what I’m talking about. You have got to […]

Senate Democrats are Cowards

Yes, the Levin-Reed amendment failed. Don’t tell me you’re surprised. If you are then you just haven’t been paying attention. […]

Clinton in Sunday Talkfest

Speaking of Fox, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to make an appearance this weekend on Fox “News” Sunday. But it’s not […]

Good Gawd Almighty!

My, oh my, I’m just aghast. Aghast, I say! Well so is Michael Kinsley. Goodness gracious. oh, my paws and […]

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