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The Mine Collapse in Utah

Bob Murray taking via AP There are few better to blog on this tragedy than Tula Connell. She’s one […]

Hillary on Housing

Amazing, simply amazing. You don’t get any more progressive than Clinton’s plan for attacking the housing crisis in this country. […]

Barry Who?

“I move over now,” Aaron said on the screen as everyone, including Bonds, stopped to watch, “and offer my best […]

Helping Hillary

Via Kevin Drum, this stuff is just a gift. In response to more than a few answers tonight — on […]

Unions, Lobbying and an Orchestra

DEBATE: Unions, Lobbying and an Orchestra updated MSNBC VIDEO OF OPENING STATEMENTS VIDEO: Lobbyists, Bundlers and Lawyers (NOTE: Featuring Clinton, […]

There Goes Basra

There Goes Basra bumped It was hailed as a success story. Some still contend that it is. However, reality is […]

Secrets in Songs

or maybe you prefer this version… A litte music for the night, after some very long days lately. Inspired by […]

Rudy’s Daughter Hearts Obama

Love this. Just love it. On her profile, she designates her political views as "liberal" and—until this morning—proclaimed her membership […]

Edwards on Change

During the breakout sessions, I got to see some of Edwards, as well as other candidates, though it was very […]

Where Have All the Weapons Gone?

Long flight home. Delayed departure. Couldn’t take off because of thunderstorms, so they even shut down the plane on the […]

Reconciliation in Iraq

The Wrong Way Forward in Iraq

The Wrong Way Forward in Iraq guest post by Mash From the outset of the Iraq invasion the Bush Administration […]

Republican Enthusiasm on Low

Democrats leave Chicago enthused (some enthralled), ready to work harder than ever, with real belief that whoever our candidate is […]

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