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No More Mr. Rove

We won’t have Karl Rove to kick around anymore. He’s leaving on his own terms, some will say. He’s leaving […]

Knives are Out for Clinton

The narrative is a killer. It’s all about Clinton’s perceived “negatives,” which keep getting promoted not only from the likes […]

Iraqi Civilian Deaths

The Surge by the Numbers

The Surge by the Numbers guest post by Mash The public relations campaign ahead of the Surgin’ General’s report this […]

Slick Mitt Buys Iowa

Hazaah! Romney spent millions of dollars, but all he has to show for it is the Iowa straw poll, but […]

Democratic Authenticism

Democratic Authenticism updated VIDEO: Ford and Moulitsas SparUPDATE: Crooks & Liars has more. “We are appealing to the mainstream.” – […]

Lute: ‘Consider a draft’

That loud noise you’re hearing is Steve Gilliard from the heavens. The subject of a draft was just one of […]

Bloggers, FISA and Feinstein

Democrats caving on the FISA bill was part of the Hot Topics panel at YearlyKos. Christy posted on this yesterday. […]

The Problem with Harold

The DLC is up front and center and a huge part of the conversation these days, especially after YearlyKos got […]

Edwards Slams ‘Mr. 9/11′

Edwards Slams ‘Mr. 9/11′ updated Rudy has no shame. He’ll use 9/11 to get elected if it’s the last thing […]

Cleavage Friday

via Welcome to cleavage Friday. Inspired by, well, you know. You can submit your own entries, by the way: […]

Harold Ford Jr. in a Panic

The lefties are coming. NO, the lefties are taking over! Boo-hoo, now we’ll never win. So laments the Fox “News” […]

Clinton and Obama on Nukes

Taking Obama to task for not leaving nukes on the table in the (ahem) “war on terror,” Clinton is now […]

Musharraf Sends a Message

Well that didn’t take long. Soon after Mr. Obama issued his “If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets […]

The Decider on Accountability

“Why would I hold somebody accountable who’s done nothing wrong?” – George W. Bush George was in rare form this […]

Lobby Comment Hurt Clinton?

Lobby Comment Hurt Clinton –?– bumped & updated This is what I was talking about the other day. It’s manifest […]

Joe Sestak Speaks Out on FISA

Besides being a distinguished intelligence officer and former admiral, Joe Sestak is the real deal. He’s also right on the […]

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