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Debate Overload

The Clinton camp got off a beauty. “So he’ll meet with dictators but not the black caucus or seniors in […]

When Wingnuts Unwind

VIDEO: Fun with Wingnuts and Wingnuts Heart Dick The woman is competing for the Ann Coulter award for nonsensical gibberish. […]

Is He Black Enough? Part Two

(Part One, for those who missed it.) Expert guest post by Michael Fauntroy Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, awash in money, […]

Cleavage Friday

Hello, Tom In honor of the corporate hack pack, we at salute their ignorance and lack of seriousness every […]

New Attack on Edwards

There’s a poll out by the ONE campaign pointing to a new lead by Edwards in Iowa. Everyone following the […]

Wall Street’s Wild Ride

VIDEO: Jim Cramer of “Mad Money” “This federal reserve has been an academic exercise in torture for the American homeowner.” […]

What’s that Smell?

What’s that Smell? updated It isn’t flowers. So puzzling that one is suspicious: is the White House ultimately going to […]

Rush and Karl Schmooze

Irony alert, with emphasis. KARL ROVE: Mmm-hmm. Well, I think it shows a lack of vision. If you really don’t… […]

Soldier Suicides

There can be no victory amidst such horror. There is no freedom amidst abject despair. Army soldiers committed suicide last […]

Bush, Dick and Bibi

IRAN: Bush, Dick and Bibi Back & ready for battle again. I’m with Will Bunch. Jim Webb saw this one […]

Obama Slams Clinton

Edwards paring down his organization in Nevada signals the campaign is facing reality, partly because of the polls and mostly […]

IRAQ: Burying the Lede

This is just great. … .. Despite Bush’s repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan […]

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