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Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy

Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy updated Well, I’ve been complaining about it and today he finally did it. Clemons and TPM […]

David Halberstam is Gone

Halberstam was killed today in a car crash. What a very mean month April has been. Here’s a link to […]

GOP Hearts Michelle Malkin

Let the ad war against Harry Reid begin. That’s okay, because Harry Reid blasted Bush on Iraq today in a […]

Did Wolfowitz Hire a Spy?

I wroted about Shaha Riza’s security clearance this weekend, which Sydney Blumenthal raised. Steve Clemons asks the next question. It […]

Who Lost Iraq?

VIDEO: About that “progress in Iraq”… The question came in an email. It’s a good one. The truth is that […]

Hannity’s America

By now you likely know all about Hannity’s Sunday night show “Hannity’s America”; yet another chance for the biggest ham […]

Earth Day Sunday

Earth Day Sunday updated via Raw StoryMore pictures at the link. The sign was referring to NBC News’ Tim Russert, […]

Smerconish to Replace Imus

Smerconish to Replace Imus updated Just once I’d like a woman to be considered. Just. Once. According to an April […]

Obama and Clinton Pro Nuclear

This disturbs me. Why are we advocating the subsidizing of nuclear energy? John Edwards and Brian Schweitzer are right on […]

Gonzo Needs a Dog

“If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog,” quipped Missourian Harry Truman. It’s good advice for Gonzo. These […]

A Wall for Baghdad

Now the image is complete. Baghdad will become synonymous with at least one aspect of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, […]

We’re Not Training Iraqis Anymore

Another secret revealed. Military planners have abandoned the idea that standing up Iraqi troops will enable American soldiers to start […]

Harry Reid Steps in It

VIDEO: Fox Hits Reid Look out, Harry, that thing on the bottom of your shoe is the truth and you […]

NBC was Right

It’s not often that I come to the defense of the corporate hack pack, but in this case it is […]

Gonzo on the Grill

Gonzo on the Grill updated “There has to be real accountability. … We are accountable to the American people, Attorney […]

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