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No Joy for Maliki

No Joy for Maliki bumped & updated Maliki is in trouble, which means so are we. Now Saudi’s King Abdullah […]

Stephanie Miller on MSNBC

Stephanie Miller on MSNBC updated & bumped UPDATE: Crooks & Liars now has some video up of today’s show. Don’t […]

The DC Madam Speaks

By now you've likely become aware of the first fall out of the DC Madam story. The reason given for […]

Joe Biden Belongs at State

VIDEO: Biden smacks Rudy (audio only) Biden on “Meet the Press” will not make many happy today. He believes flatly […]

A Very Good Night for Clinton

A Very Good Night for Clinton updated & bumped The first Democratic debate. Hillary Clinton did what she needed to […]

Riverbend Says Goodbye

River sounds like she’s leaving Iraq. Gee, I wonder why. I remember Baghdad before the war- one could live anywhere. […]

Tenet v. Cheney?

Apropo of nothing I offer the video. From Bush to Tenet to Cheney to Condi and beyond, these people are […]

Let the Debate Games Begin

Let the Debate Games Begin updated Who won? Vote! Starring Gravel, Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Kucinich, Obama, Clinton, Edwards. Oh and […]

Pre Debate Buzz

Pre Debate Buzz updated MSNBC will also be streaming the debate live. With the Iraq bill passed, it really seems […]

Not Counting Car Bombs

The Democrats are doing exactly what they were sent to Washington to do. Work hard to get us out of […]

Malkin Tops Connie Chung

Remember Connie Chung’s embarrassing sign off from MSNBC? Well, Malkin just did her one better. Can we now dispense with […]

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