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See Firedoglake. See Atrios. Then give five bucks. Five. That’s all. It’s worth it to burn Bush.

Alberto Gonzales Resigns

Alberto Gonzales Resigns **updated below – bumped from early a.m.** VIDEO: Turley on Gonzo“More controversial than John Ashcroft.” – TurleyBooMan […]

Radio, Movies, and Racist Rush

Radio, Movies, and Racist Rush bumped Taylor Marsh LIVE! will be back next week, Tuesday September 4th; 3:00-4:00 p.m. eastern […]

Finally Keith

VIDEO: Worst Person Crooks & Liars has more. Lots of people were disappointed because local stations jacked us all around. […]

Ayad Allawi

Allawi The Fabulist

Allawi The Fabulist   –updated below– guest post by Mash Juan Cole reported earlier this week on a rumor that Iraqi Prime […]

Iraq and 9/11

Iraq and 9/11 guest post by BooMan Liberals like to reiterate, again and again, that Iraq had nothing to do […]

Sunday Bird Watching

Thanks to reader Katymine for the shot. As regular readers know, we have peacocks. We raised one of them from […]

Voices from The Gulf

Two years after Katrina, the Gulf Coast region has still not fully recovered. Visit and hear the stories.

Ted Nugent is a Pussy

The YouTube was nukes, but Crooks & Liars has the video. “I was in Chicago last week. Hey Obama, you […]

Brzezinski Endorses Obama

In the serious cred department. Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the most influential foreign-policy experts in the Democratic Party, threw his […]

Clinton Channels ‘Mr. 9/11′

You just can’t script this stuff… er… Or maybe you can (but shouldn’t) and that’s exactly what happened. Talk about […]

Iran Calling?

Why can’t I take this at face value? The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is expected to advise […]

Iraq Coup Rumored

Via Juan Cole. He’s not saying for certain, his post title coming with a question mark, but it’s not hard […]

Obama and Stewart

Honestly, I don’t know how long this YouTube will be available, but I thought I’d post it. The interview is […]

For Bangladesh

For Bangladesh guest post by Mash The folowing post is my plea for the people of Bangladesh as the military […]

Warner’s Warning

VIDEO: Shuster on the Warner Warning Freedom Watch Frontman Ari Fleischer isn’t going to like this. All that money about […]

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