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Team Romney Loses the Singing Ad War to Team Obama


THERE IS just no contest. Obama’s ad, with Mitt Romney singing off key against a backdrop of his outsourcing records, is devastating. Romney’s ad simply doesn’t work nearly as well; Obama’s singing […]

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Mitt Romney’s Palin Problem Is a Republican Women’s Issue

“I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.” […]

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Secy. Clinton Greeted in Egypt with ‘Monica, Monica,’ While Tomatoes and Shoes Fly

An embarrassed Egyptian security official said they were chanting “Monica, Monica” and “Irhal, Clinton” (Get out, Clinton.) Tomatoes, shoes and a water bottle were thrown at part of Clinton’s motorcade as it pulled up, […]

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The First NEWSROOM Award Goes to Chris Hayes

Ep. 3: Preview

The “award” I’m about to give is a nod to HBO’s new series created by Aaron Sorkin, “Newsroom,” and the idealist notion in the 24/7 media orgasma era that ratings don’t have […]

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Romney Under Siege

The adviser added: “We aren’t reacting to what the Obama campaign does. “¦ We aren’t reacting to what Republican strategists do. We’ve got a plan to win. We know what it takes and that’s […]

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Queer Talk: Romney ‘Dodges’ LGBT Question, Obama ‘Challenged’ Regarding AIDS Conference

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

Just another week in presidential election year marketing, and though probably only an all but unnoticed blip in their “how are we doing […]

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Freeh Report: Paterno ‘Made Aware” of 1998 Sandusky Investigation, ‘But Failed To Take Any Action’

The evidence shows that these four men also knew about a 1998 criminal investigation of Sandusky relating to suspected sexual misconduct with a young boy in a Penn State football locker room shower. […]

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New Romney Ad Slams Obama, Says He’s Lying on Outsourcing Charge


“Just like he did against Hillary Clinton, President Obama now continues to spread dishonest attacks about Mitt Romney to distract from his failed record. Even though fact check after fact check have found his […]

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DoD Inspector General Report on Interrogations Released After Truth-Out FOIA Request

A DECLASSIFIED DoD Inspector General’s report obtained by Truth-Out titled “Investigation of Allegations of the Use of Mind-Altering Drugs to Facilitate Interrogations of Detainees” reveals information for the first time about interrogations at Guantanamo. […]

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