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Guns, ‘God’s Plan,’ and Leadership

“With that drum magazine, he could have gotten off 50, 60 rounds, even if it was semiautomatic, within one minute,” Chief Oates said. [New York Times]

IN THE GAPING MAW of our leadership […]

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McClatchy Won’t Be Obama Administration’s Tool

SO-CALLED REPORTERS and their pseudo-news outlets are now finally admitting the dirty little secret that’s been known for some time. They are formally informing readers that they now allow our politicians and presidential campaigns […]

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A Moment of Zen… and Something To Watch

SIT BACK and listen to the best selling jazz song of the 20th century… Then watch the full episode of “Political Animals.” Sigourney Weaver plays Secretary of State Elaine Barrish, with a family […]

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LEAD STORY: Colorado Shooting Rampage at Theater Showing ‘The Dark Knight’


“Soothing words are nice,” Bloomberg said during an interview on WOR News Talk Radio 710 in New York City. “But maybe it’s time the two people who want to be president of the United […]

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Pat Sajak, The Right’s New Buckley

Watch More News Videos at ABC

2012 Presidential Election

Entertainment & Celebrity News


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Queer Talk: Lesbian PAC & Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry Launched

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

In signs of election year politics the Lesbian PAC and Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry were recently launched. For a bit […]

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Ann Romney is Wrong: 54-37% People Want Mitt To Release his Taxes

“We’ve given all… [you].. people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life.” – Ann Romney on “Good Morning America” [Politico]

IT’S NOT REALLY what Ann Romney said, […]

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Queer Talk: ‘Mitt Gets Worse’ Campaign

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

You remember, of course, the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign. Well, now we have “Mitt Gets Worse,” organized by The Courage Campaign, an […]

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Democrats Propose Mitt Legislation to Force Transparency

Congressional Democrats took aim at Mitt Romney on Wednesday by calling for legislation to require presidential candidates to disclose a decade of their tax returns and the value and location of accounts in tax-haven […]

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