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Keep Your Hands Off the Boys

So, Larry Craig is going to quit and another Republican resigns in disgrace. Things might have been so different if […]

Hannity’s Hypocrisy

Hannity’s Hypocrisy bumped YouTube via C&L It never ends. Nugent is Hannity’s hero. He’s a good friend of Mr. Fox […]

Dhaka University student kicking an army man

Fear and Retribution in Bangladesh

Fear and Retribution in Bangladesh guest post by Mash During last week’s mass protests in Bangladesh a demonstrator, possibly a […]

Friday: Republican Decimation Day

Friday: Republican Decimation Day by BooMan Longshot presidential contender Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has an interesting way of pandering to […]

This Princess was Nobody’s Pawn

England would never be the same. Neither would the monarchy. Diana Spencer came along and changed everything forever. Just ask […]

Elizabeth Edwards Takes on Clinton

Elizabeth Edwards Takes on Clinton updated Good cop, bad cop, Edwards style. “Their nominee won’t energize them, Bush won’t, but […]

Hillary Takes on Letterman

Arianna imagines what it might be like tonight: Dave: What was the deal with all that cleavage earlier this summer? […]

VA-Sen: Warner to Retire?

VA-Sen: Warner to Retire? by BooMan It’s a simple truth that Democrats can’t get much done if they can’t convince […]

Weak-Kneed Democrats

Weak-Kneed Democrats updated by BooMan Tighten the Leash on Bush Dog Dems“Dear God, Democrats: grow a spine.” I might be […]

Bleak GOP Senate Outlook

Bleak GOP Senate Outlook by BooMan MSNBC discusses the possibility of a filibuster-proof 60+ majority for the Democrats in the […]

Nuclear Fear Factor

Expert guest post by Charles Pena Straus Military Project Adviser originally published on Aug. 16, 2007 by United Press International […]

Good Money After Bad

Good Money After Bad by BooMan Tom Ricks continues his reporting on the Fiasco in Iraq. It seems that it […]

Vick Already Forgiven?

Vick Already Forgiven? bumped Not around here. But after a weekend of dithering, yesterday Michael Vick came out to apologize. […]

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