Taylor's New Book: Below The Beltway


The Washington, D.C. Beltway. Pulsing with rich history, teeming with wondrous marshes and woodland creatures. Balance and order peacefully exist in this wildlife adventureland, a stark contrast to its human inhabitants who attempt to navigate mindbending appetites of power, lust, love and greed without being drowned by their adversaries in the Beltway swamps. Elite personal life coach Alex Gantry leaves Hollywood for the D.C. area, struggling to escape the grip of a suffocating relationship. There she meets the somewhat younger and somewhat married environmentalist T.J. Alex convinces T.J. his team needs a life coach and T.J. convinces Alex to become his lover. As heat turns to emotion, pasts haunt, secrets threaten, danger bubbles up and the bucolic Beltway proves to be a bedlam of unfettered intrigue and desire.

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