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Michele Bachmann Owes Huma Abedin a Public Apology and it Should Be Delivered on the Floor of the House

MICHELE BACHMANN’S McCARTHYISM and the despicably racist and bigoted attacks against Human Abedin inspired Sen. John McCain to take to the floor of the Senate to denounce them. Her former presidential campaign manager […]

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Free Syrian Army ‘Goes for the Jugular,’ Kills Key Assad Security Officials

**Updated Below**

Syria’s defence minister and Interior minister are among those who were killed after an explosion struck the National Security building in Damascus during a meeting of cabinet ministers and senior security officials, state […]

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Netanyahu Blames Iran for Israelis Murdered in Bulgaria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed Iran for the bombing of a bus which killed at least seven Israelis in a Bulgarian resort. He said “all signs point to Iran” and said Israel […]

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Seeking Redemption, A Democrat Worth Forgiving

“It took a lot of work to get to where are are today, but I want people to know we’re a normal family,” says Abedin, 37. “Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] […]

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Queer Talk: Boy Scouts Announce They’ll Keep Discriminating But Carefully Avoid the ‘Gay’ Word

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

Yesterday the Boy Scouts of America announced the results of a previously unknown two year “evaluation” regarding the BSA membership standards and policy. As you […]

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Republicans Block DISCLOSE Act, Going on the Record for Supporting Secret Buying of Our Elections

The legislation would require certain tax-exempt groups involved in political advertising — which currently are not required to disclose the names of their donors — to release the names of those who give donations […]

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Why Should Any Democrat Attend a Convention in an Anti-Union State?

MINORITY LEADER PELOSI makes a different excuse for Blue Dog Democrats, because she won’t stand up for unions any more than Pres. Obama and the Democratic Party will. We saw that in Wisconsin, […]

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As Pressure Mounts, Romney’s Tax Issue Pushes Campaign Into Desperation Mode

WHILE REPUBLICANS POUND on Mitt Romney to release his taxes, his campaign sees a moment to go harshly negative, with John Sununu’s surrogacy emblematic of the birtherism crowd that challenges Pres. Obama’s Americanism. After […]

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When Politics and The Movies Meet

Even GOP advisor Frank Luntz jumped into the fray. “Hollywood does it again,” he told Secrets. “[Romney] had to know all this was coming and he should have done a lot more to prepare […]

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