Americans Elect Primary Bombs

TOP DOWN DEMOCRACY is a loser and if you doubted it see Americans Elect. David Axelrod once described the efforts as “uber-democracy meets back room bosses.”

From Politico:

The group had qualified for […]

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Prosecutors File Witness List in George Zimmerman Case

“He has no protection under my law,” former Sen. Durell Peaden told the newspaper. […] “The guy lost his defense right then,” Peaden told the Miami Herald. “When he said ‘I’m following him,’ he […]

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Rebekah Brooks Facing Perverting-The-Course-Of-Justice Charges

RUPERT MURDOCH’S “LIEUTENANT” Rebekah Brooks is being charged after News Corp allegations relating to Scotland Yard’s phone-hacking investigation that has humiliated Murdoch and destroyed his credibility.

From the UK Guardian:

She is accused of conspiring […]

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Common Cause Sues Over Filibuster

IMAGINE THE SENATE if a filibuster meant a senator actually had to filibuster.

From Politico:

For years, critics of the filibuster have failed to convince senators to change the procedural delaying tactic. Now they’re taking their […]

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German Voters Reject Conservative Austerity, But Will America?

WILL AMERICANS embrace austerity through Mitt Romney’s candidacy and his advocacy for Paul Ryan’s budget, just as Europe is turning away from austerity after having learned it doesn’t work?

It’s the 2012 $64,000 question. […]

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Michelle Obama’s Workout Playlist

FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA shared her workout playlist with Women’s Health magazine.

One of Beyonce’s songs, it’s a great one, especially with head phones and your own life track.

We had the pleasure of […]

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Huffington Post’s ‘Unseen’ Women in Military

AN IMPORTANT ARTICLE on trailblazing women in the military worthy of your time.

Any time a woman is held back in the work place, which includes the U.S. military, we are hurting our strongest economic […]

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Ron Paul Now Focusing on Yada-Yada-Yada

DROPPING OUT? Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s campaign spokesman replies:

“Absolutely not! We are focusing our efforts squarely on winning delegates and party leadership positions at state conventions.”

Paul’s statement, via Buzzfeed:

As I reflect on our […]

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Occupy Arrests Over 7200, But The Banks Are ‘Too Big to Jail’

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

A comparison is one way to get some perspective. There’s certainly something of an “apples to oranges” dynamic going on here. But that there […]

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