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Lights, Camera, Propaganda

Mr. Bush to insult us on Thursday. Ice the vodka. The announcement could come when Bush addresses the nation on […]

Iraq Testimony on 9/11

Iraq Testimony on 9/11 updated VIDEO: Obama Spoke for me Today It’s an outrage. Obama nailed it. Isn’t it convenient […]

Where’s Osama?

VIDEO: From 9/11 to Iraq We let him go at Tora Bora. We let him go to get Saddam. Today, […]

Fact Checking General Petraeus

17 Days Campaigning for the Commander. The general has some questions to answer already, not the least of which is […]

The Ad, The Trap

Soldiers said it first. AFTER being hailed as King David, the potential saviour of Iraq, the US commander General David […]

General Petraeus in the House

Video: General Petraeus – Part I The general’s microphone isn’t working. What a metaphor. Rep. Skelton has ejected several protesters […]

Soothing the National Conscience

VIDEO: Biden on “Meet the Press”Part II: Biden on the troops General Petraeus will give an exclusive interview with Fox […]

Oprah and Magic Get Political

Photos by Charlie Rex Arbogast/AP and Win McNamee/Getty Oprah for Obama: “I call my home the Promised Land because I […]

Middle East Blip

Bush and Sheikh Sattar Abu Risha Good morning. It’s a study Sunday for me. If you want to join in […]

Power and Fury

It’s one of the most important conversations we can have and one of the most important books you can read. […]

Big, Bad, Mean Liberal Ed

Big, Bad, Mean Liberal Ed Ed Schultz is too mean and tough for the wingnuts to handle. So now they’ve […]

‘Mr. 9/11′ Losing his Grip

The documentary is devastating. It further dismantles the facade Rudy Giuliani has cleverly built around himself, which is constructed entirely […]

Oh, the Fecklessness of Leadership

Oh, the Fecklessness of Leadership updated Where is it? Can’t find it. Don’t see it. After short-circuiting consideration of votes […]

Follow the Leader

When Speaker Pelosi went to Syria she made a statement with the visit, which still infuriated the wingnuts, but she […]

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