“A writer is someone who is interested in all the arts, in politics, and of course the psychology of people. Someone passionate about everything.”
– Susan Sontag, Radio France Interview (“Regarding Susan Sontag,” from HBO)

An excerpt from the latest book by Taylor Marsh:

…This is the heart of infidelity – physical lust and longing that are separate from love. Having the ability to live in the eye of passion blocking all else out, not allowing the complications of feelings and emotions to enter the arena of desire. Nothing exists but two human animals finding their way to erotic release. Carnality can catch you up in its vortex where you find yourself doing things you never dreamed of before. Sexual acts of unbounded moral lethality or unlimited imagination can take you over a pleasure cliff you never knew existed, and over which you feel you have no control. When an affair is moored in the physical alone, no earthly responsibilities attached, the escape works like a narcotic. It becomes an obsession, and is equally as deadly as any drug. […]

Saturday Night at the Movies, Cult Classic Bound Edition

Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48. HuffPost, which is particularly good with celebrity items, is updating with details.

What a voice she once had. It’s always a tragedy when someone […]

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Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Mitt Romney won the CPAC presidential straw poll with 38 percent of the vote, finishing with a single-digit lead over runner-up Rick Santorum, who pulled 31 percent support. Newt Gingrich was a distant third, […]

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Mitt Romney Minute: He Supported Contraception Mandate before He was Against It

Art offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

From PlumLine’s twitter feed at CPAC:

Santorum backer Foster Friess: “A conservative, a liberal and a moderate walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Hi, Mitt!”

A too funny […]

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Queer Talk: Marriage equality takes two steps forward

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

This week the earlier court ruling that California’s Proposition 8 is unconstitutional was upheld by U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. And in […]

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Dash of Dan: Two-Tone Mini Bundts

Valentines Day is just around the corner.

Now, I don’t put much into this day, but I do think it’s important to show the ones you love, how you feel.

For me, I’ve always shown it […]

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Are Conservative Men Prepared for the 21st Century?

Clearly, Rick Santorum is not. The cultural war religious conservatives are stirring up is about women’s freedoms, but it is also about equality, competency and economic opportunity.

From Politico:

“Look, I want to create every opportunity […]

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Pres. Obama: No Compromise on Free Contraception. Period.

Pres. Obama felt forced to compromise and personally address the furor surrounding his contraceptive mandate for all women, because religious conservatives wanted a fight about religious freedom where none existed and election year politics […]

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White House Contraceptive Compromise Announcement Set During Rick Santorum – Mitt Romney CPAC Speeches


As Rick Santorum takes to the stage to give his speech, with Mitt Romney following close behind, the White House has scheduled their announcement, which I wrote yesterday would be coming before the end […]

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Joe Scarborough Compares Obama Contraceptive Mandate to Federal Govt. Mandating Southern Baptist Female Deacons

“… I think women should be deacons as well as men. …But if the federal government, if the Justice Department offers a mandate ordering Southern Baptists to make women deacons, I would be the […]

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