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Hoping for the Worst

Being prepared for anything is one thing, but the neocons are just gnashing their teeth for more war, not to […]

Clinton in Sunday Talkfest

Speaking of Fox, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to make an appearance this weekend on Fox “News” Sunday. But it’s not […]

Good Gawd Almighty!

My, oh my, I’m just aghast. Aghast, I say! Well so is Michael Kinsley. Goodness gracious. oh, my paws and […]

Obama Skips Cornyn Vote

FIGHT BACK Can we finally dispense with the utter nonsense that Barack Obama would have stood up against the Iraq […]

Racial Injustice Continues

Racial Injustice Continues updated graphic via All About Race Well today is a national day of action for the Jena […]

The Surge is So Working

The Surge is So Working! Watching Anderson Cooper 360 tonight, I was struck silent when it was reported that since […]

Inconvenient Money Men

VIDEO: Edwards Camp Hits Clinton Again I hate this stuff. Campaign money drama details don’t interest me at all. One […]

Webb Amendment Fails

Webb Amendment Fails updated It went down 56-44. Democrats lost one vote, former secretary of the Navy, retiring Senator John […]

Does Bush Want War with Iran?

Does Bush Want War with Iran? updated Steve Clemons has a provocative post today on the subject. Stories like the […]

Richard Cohen Sings Rush

h/t TPM Rudy doesn’t like the attack so he hit back. As for who is whose biggest nightmare, I’d […]

Clinton Responds to Trippi

Via Greg Sargent. Joe Trippi thought he’d raise the temperature a bit with an email attacking Clinton after the news […]

Kerry Denounces Taser Arrest

Kerry Denounces Taser Arrest updated Ho-boy, the wingnuts are losing it. “This thing is eclipsing O.J.” – Michelle Malkin Good […]

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