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Warren Jeffs Convicted

“This trial has not been about religion or vendetta. It was simply about child abuse and preventing abuse,” the victim, […]

Eye on Iowa

Eye on Iowa bumped from a.m. “Edwards is still the person to beat in Iowa.” – Chase Martyn That’s the […]

Rather on the War Path

Rather on the War Path updated graphic cica 2004 Rather was right. … .. Keep in mind, I’m not defending […]

Wingnut Hypocrisy

Audio on radio is one thing, C&L has the video. Taylor Marsh LIVE! 3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific Missed […]

Iraq Problem Solved

Maliki says so. Civil war has been averted in Iraq and Iranian intervention there has "ceased to exist," Iraqi Prime […]

Richardson Makes a Move

If you’re not sure about any of the Democratic candidates and can’t decide who to support you really need to […]

Misinformation Alert!

This is rich, especially coming from Bill Sammon. He’s the guy who fed Bush that last question in his press […]

Let Ahmadinejad Speak

VIDEO: Lee Bollinger’s speech graphic via Ms. Internment What’s amazing is that someone at Columbia didn’t think to get permission […]

Photo of Uncle Dick

In Honor of Uncle Dick

My uncle Dick I watched the first part of “The War,” by Ken Burns, tonight. It was remarkable. All I […]

The Un-American Values Voters

Phyllis Schlafly is still around? She debated my brother decades ago, one Republican against another, because he was for the […]

Show Me State Likes Edwards

Show Me State Likes Edwards updated The state where I was born reveals what many people are talking about. It […]

Team Clinton Rising

Team Clinton Rising updated “A Mother’s Strength, a Candidate’s Ambition”VIDEO: Clinton on “Meet the Press” Last Monday when Clinton unveiled […]

I’m Like So Upset

I’m Like So Upset via TPM … and I have no idea what I’m talking about. You have got to […]

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