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(Clinton and That No Good Trey Gowdy, the Fox Debate and Donald Trump)

ABC’s GMA Releases Photo Believed to Be Bloodied Head of George Zimmerman

“I am sorry for the loss of your son. I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit older than I was,” Zimmerman said addressing Martin’s family directly. […]

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Catholic League’s War on Jon Stewart’s ‘Vagina Manger’

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Oh, sweet Jesus on a biscuit. No, actually, that would be a plastic baby Jesus in […]

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Ousted Secret Service Agent ‘Really Checking Out’ Sarah Palin

This puts a whole new meaning to the not so secret Secret Service motto, “wings up, rings off.”

The Washington Post identified David Randall Chaney, the Secret Service supervisor who was ousted in the Columbian […]

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Pres. Obama on Rosa Parks Bus

On a fundraising sweep, during a stop at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, Pres. Obama boarded the legendary bus.

From remarks at one of the fundraisers, via CBS News:

“I actually had the chance […]

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North Carolina Democrats Have a Weiner Problem

Well, it’s not exactly like Anthony Weiner, but the settlement conjures up similar images.

The Democratic Party is holding their convention in a right-to-work state that is anti-union, where a sex scandal has now broken […]

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LA Times Right to Publish Damning Afghan Photos

There is no question that publishing the photos of the Army 82nd Airborne posing with body parts of dead Afghanistan militants was the right thing to do.

It’s predictable that SecDef Leon Panetta […]

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Legendary Coach Pat Summitt Steps Down After Diagnosis of Early-onset Alzheimer’s

And when the goodbye was finally uttered on Wednesday, with Summitt abdicating the throne she occupied for 38 years, the reality washed over everyone who is in some degree in her debt. And that […]

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Secret Service Columbian ‘Escort’ Tells Her Story

One of the Secret Service agents who has been forced out of his job is already planning a lawsuit, a congressional aide told CBS News after Mark Sullivan, the agency’s director, briefed lawmakers Wednesday […]

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‘Kennedys of China’ Engulfed in Money Murder Mystery and Political Scandal

We can marvel over Bo’s downfall. We can go on about how China’s leadership refuses to countenance rising political stars who challenge its clubby world. We can engage in whodunit fantasies about the wife […]

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