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The Boss Blasts Bush

The song is "Living in the Future." This is part of what Springsteen said yesterday morning on "The Today Show" […]

Rush v.

Rush v. updated & bumped Where are the Republicans? Do they approve of Rush’s “phony soldier” swiftboating? Will the […]

Senate Democrats Slam Rush

The White House didn’t like it either. Via Think Progress. September 28, 2007 Mr. Mark P. Mays CEO, Clear Channel […]

Russert Drags 2013 into View

This was so predictable, so it’s interesting that no one was prepared to hear it. I’ve been warning about it […]

The Iran Debate

As far as I’m concerned anyone who voted for Iraq who is willing to vote blindly for the Lieberman-Kyl legislation […]

Dems Debate in New Hampshire

Here we go. MSNBC is streaming it live. You can also rate the candidates. This is an important night for […]

Biden’s Iraq Plan Passes

h/t DailyKos It’s non-binding. Many people are against it. We don’t have the right to force anything on the Iraqis. […]

Slick Mitt Doesn’t Get It

Taylor Marsh LIVE! 3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific Missed the show? Podcast is up. Spencer Ackerman talks more about […]

Clinton’s Guffaw

Clinton’s Guffaw We likely won’t see Clinton let loose with her now famous guffaw tonight. The target will be the […]

I Love Me, I Really Love Me

Oh, good grief. Obama is celebrating the five year anniversary of a speech he made against the Iraq war? What […]

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