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Got Religion?

The official 2008 GOP logo. RightsField has the must read analysis. For a change, it’s Republicans in the target zone […]

John Edwards Gets Back to Iraq

"I will end combat missions." – John Edwards Yesterday he focused again on Iraq, going straight at Blackwater. Getting press […]

Free Burma!

Free Burma!

Free Burma! guest post by Mash Today, October 4th 2007, over 5000 bloggers from around the world stand together in […]

Rush Admits Doctoring Tape

Rush Admits Doctoring Tape bumped And the hits just keep on comin’. Listening to Rush at the top of his […]

Bush Says No to Kids

Taylor Marsh LIVE! 3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific Missed the show? Podcast is up. SHOW NOTE: The show was […]

What Obama Said

(h/t TPM – Ben Smith) Honestly, Mr. Obama set himself up for this one. Zinger below compliments of Chris Dodd. […]

Obama Celebrates 2002 Speech

Obama Celebrates 2002 Speech updated With Ted Sorensen, who worked closely with John F. Kennedy, by his side, Barack Obama […]

The Iraq War Tax

The Iraq War Tax updated Rep. Obey is on the warpath today. “I would be more than willing to report […]

Clinton Beats Obama

Clinton Beats Obama To paraphrase Joe Trippi from yesterday’s Edwards fundraising call, Clinton doesn’t want this primary shaped around money. […]

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