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Clinton Beats Obama

Clinton Beats Obama To paraphrase Joe Trippi from yesterday’s Edwards fundraising call, Clinton doesn’t want this primary shaped around money. […]

Numbers are In

Numbers are In updated Taylor Marsh LIVE! 3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific Missed the show? Podcast is up. I’ll […]

Iran Watch

I don’t call him Slick Mitt for nothin’. The man has earned the title. Thanks to my good friend Cliff […]

The thug who rules Burma: Senior General Than Shwe

The Forgotten People of Burma

The Forgotten People of Burma guest post by Mash Bangladesh has its own illegal immigration problem. The country plays host […]

What’s Happening in Iowa?

What’s Happening in Iowa? guest post by Chase Martyn Managing editor of the Iowa Independent Greetings! My name is Chase […]

Clinton in the Crosshairs

What really scares the wingnuts is that Hillary Clinton is not only prepared, but she’s tough, determined, as well as […]

Another Crappy Day

Another Crappy Day updated guest blog by Cujo359 Taking another step toward the Kingdom of Idiots, the Senate passed the […]

A Rush Swiftboating Oldie

A Rush Swiftboating Oldie updated Via Nico. Now Fox “News” is getting in on the action. But Rush Limbaugh has […]

Rush Should Stop Digging

h/t GunTotingLiberal Rush should have stopped while he was ahead. Limbaugh’s "phony soldier" slur continues to get worse every time […]

Elizabeth Edwards Talks to Keith

The Edwards campaign is running straight on in to head winds. Elizabeth Edwards appearing on “Countdown” last night comes at […]

The Boss Blasts Bush

The song is "Living in the Future." This is part of what Springsteen said yesterday morning on "The Today Show" […]

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