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Hillary Haters Suck It Up

I noted it yesterday in Hot Topics. But the media liked the Let’s Trash Hillary! talking point instead. Via Greg […]

Emily's List v. Oprah

Emily’s List v. Oprah

Star Power Hits Iowa… Under the radar is Emily’s List. Everyone is talking about Bill Clinton being Oprah’s counterweight in […]


It’s desperation time. But what would peace talks be without elements of the Israel lobby having back channel talks with […]



Ah yes, the politics of hope. Remember that? You know like this and this and this and this, not to […]

So Long, Trent Lott

Taylor Marsh LIVE! 3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific Missed the show? Podcast is up. We won’t have Trent Lott […]

Tale of Two Bundlers

Big Tent Democrat is correct. The Washington Post took a swipe at Clinton through her Latino bundler. Clinton’s success in […]

Mr. Edsall's All Male Forum

Mr. Edsall’s All Male Forum

Talking about John Edwards’ populism is a good thing. Unfortunately, Huffington Post political editor decided that only men were important […]

The ‘R’ Word

Hold on. … .. Even if necessary changes in policy are implemented, the odds now favour a US recession that […]

Halperin’s Confession

Halperin’s Confession updated Bill Clinton an “underdog” in 1996? Pass the political crack pipe. An insider is unwinding. Mark Halperin […]

Ms. Kentucky

Ms. Kentucky

Remarkable if you think about it. Clinton cleans up. Obama, well, not so much. Consider this an all things primary […]

Mizzou vs. K.U.

Mizzou vs. K.U.

Kansas and Missouri first met on the football field in 1891 and have played 115 times since. The rivalry has […]

Howard Loses It All

via Glenn Greenwald And now there is only one. … … left, that is. Blair is gone. Now Howard’s loss […]

Black Friday Round Up

Black Friday Round Up

Paul Krugman reminds us that economic experts are often as wrongly placed as errant hairs on an old man’s butt. […]

The Golden Turkey Award

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I’m thankful for many things today. But when I look at the video above I […]

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