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Mitt Romney’s Veep Ap

IN THEORY it’s a cool idea. Announcing your vice presidential pick via a smartphone and android ap.

However, as CurrentTV bloggers explain, with Team Romney, not so much (here’s the ap).

The Romney campaign released […]

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Free Birth Control Begins Today

UNDER OBAMACARE, today is the day “no-cost” birth control kicks into gear.  It’s a good day for girls.
Beginning today, most new and renewing health insurance plans must begin offering a broad array of women’s […]

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Olympic Badminton Scandal Leads to Expulsion

THE LONDON OLYMPIAD was rocked today when three teams were expelled for behavior unbecoming the spirit of the Olympic games. China, South Korea and Indonesia basically attempted to throw their badminton matches and were […]

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Team Obama Welcomes Mitt Romney Home

MITT ROMNEY scripted this one himself.

The Twitter hashtag for this one is #RomneyShambles. Now we see if it trends…

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Jon Stewart Reviews Romney Aides Expletive Laced Tirade

The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

WOW. JUST. WOW. Complete with actual tape of when the exchange from Rick Gorka and […]

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Pres. Obama Hits Magic 50% in 3 Key Battleground States

“If today were November 6, President Barack Obama would sweep the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania and – if history is any guide – into a second term in the Oval […]

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Gore Vidal, Gone

THE GREAT WRITER and virulently outspoken Gore Vidal is gone.

The Los Angeles Times:

Vidal died Tuesday at his home in the Hollywood Hills of complications of pneumonia, said nephew Burr Steers.

Vidal was a literary juggernaut […]

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Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz Serves Chick-fil-A at Victory Party

“Ted is not going to D.C. to make nice with the foo-foo, chi-chi cocktail crowd. He’s going to do the heavy lifting to rein in our out-of-control government.” – Palin wows The Woodlands


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Falling Off the Recovering Partisan Wagon

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER got an apology from White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer via email, then asked that it be posted publicly, which he did.

At the time, I decided to jump into the […]

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