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Andrew’s Derangement

Your daily dose of Hillary hatred. I witnessed the following eight years close-up. I was lied to repeatedly, as all […]

Republican Debate on the Economy

Republican Debate on the Economy updated Given Bush’s record that title is hilarious. Your must read for today’s debate is […]

What Actually Happened in Iowa

There has been an avalanche of reviews on Clinton’s back and forth with Randall Rolph. You just knew there had […]

Edwards Channels Mudcat

“Known by his backwoods nickname, “Mudcat,” he’s a self-described “rural liaison” who is helping Edwards craft a populist message of […]

Reconciliation in Iraq Goes Down

So what are we doing there now? It’s clear the Iraqis aren’t going to do anything towards national reconciliation. I […]

What’s Happening in Iowa

What’s Happening in Iowa guest post by Chase Martyn Managing editor of the Iowa Independent Many candidates enjoyed the warmer-than-average […]

Bangladeshi blog "The 3rd World View"

Bangladesh: Climate of Fear

Bangladesh: Climate of Fear guest post by Mash When the Bangladesh military took power in a bloody coup in 1975 […]

2008: Who Wants Out of Iraq?

Let’s start with the premise that all Democrats want out of Iraq. From there things get murky, especially when you […]

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