Taylor Marsh is a political writer, author and cultural voyeur who lives in the Beltway area of Washington D.C. She is a former Broadway performer and beauty queen who was the Relationship Consultant for LA WEEKLY, then the nation’s top alternative newsweekly. Marsh marks her 20th year in new-media in 2016. Author of The Hillary Effect and The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen, Taylor turns to fiction for the first time with Below the Beltway.

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Gore Vidal, Gone

THE GREAT WRITER and virulently outspoken Gore Vidal is gone.

The Los Angeles Times:

Vidal died Tuesday at his home in the Hollywood Hills of complications of pneumonia, said nephew Burr Steers.

Vidal was a literary juggernaut […]

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Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz Serves Chick-fil-A at Victory Party

“Ted is not going to D.C. to make nice with the foo-foo, chi-chi cocktail crowd. He’s going to do the heavy lifting to rein in our out-of-control government.” – Palin wows The Woodlands


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Falling Off the Recovering Partisan Wagon

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER got an apology from White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer via email, then asked that it be posted publicly, which he did.

At the time, I decided to jump into the […]

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Queer Talk: Democratic Platform Draft Approves Marriage Equality

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

On Sunday the Democratic Party platform committee approved endorsement of marriage between same-gender couples, along with other pro-LGBT positions. This isn’t a huge […]

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Harry Reid: Bain Investor Said Mitt Romney ‘Didn’t Pay Taxes for 10 Years’

THE HUFFINGTON POST did an interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In it he just happens to mention that Mr. Romney’s tax problems, including why he can’t reveal more returns, revolves around a […]

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Romney’s Gaffes Lead to Team Mitt Meltdown

THE GAFFERIFFIC foreign policy tour of Mitt Romney has finally gotten to his campaign team.

Walking through Pilsudski Square in Poland, the traveling press corps started yelling questions at Mr. Romney, asking about his string […]

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Rep. Steve King Cheers on Dogfighting

REPUBLICAN STEVE KING doesn’t understand the difference between humans choosing to fight one another in the sport of boxing, versus dogs forced into fighting by men who get their kicks out of what amounts […]

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Saudi Female Judoka Controversy, from Modified Hijab to Lower Olympic Standards

Wodjan Shaherkani’s participation in the London 2012 Games had been in doubt after the International Judo Federation said she needed to remove the head scarf for her match. … She and teammate Sarah Attar, […]

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NBC Lets Guy Adams Out of Twitter Jail


REPRESENTATIVE OF NBC’S aggressive content fencing, as well as their police grip on everything Olympics, when Guy Adams started ripping the network for their coverage of the London Olympic games, they took action. […]

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