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Gore Watch

For lack of a better title. File it under things that mean nothing or everything. You choose. ENVIRONMENT Al Gore […]

The Al Qaeda Card

Things are slipping away. He doesn’t have any clout. So what can he do? Give a speech at the Naval […]

Just Another Day

Just Another Day updated A world full of pussies. “For Gordon Brown it is a rude awakening to the realities […]

Coulter on Defense

Coulter on Defense updated This is beautiful. After making an utter fool out of herself this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning […]

House Hunting with Dick

Republicans seem always eager to use true victims as the butt of their jokes. “I offer a simple amendment that […]

Conservative Court Overturns Brown

Conservative Court Overturns Brown updated I know, I know, SCOTUS is denying they’re dismantling one of the historic rulings of […]

Not this Immigration Bill

Not this Immigration Bill updated UPDATE: The news just broke. The immigration reform bill has been defeated; 14 votes short, […]

Subpoenas and Stalling for Time

Subpoenas and Stalling for Time EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE UPDATE The Bush-Cheney edition. Republicans voted with Democrats demanding the White House turn […]

Iran Hyperbole Alert

Excuse me, but does this look like a riot to you? A Tehran blogger has amazing photos (h/t Andrew Sullivan). […]

Subpoenas for Dubya and Dick

Subpoenas for Dubya and Dick updated Oh, what a difference a day makes. Got subpoenas, fellas? The best headline of […]

Republican Crawl to Reality

After Senator Lugar’s speech on the Senate floor a couple of nights ago, it’s been the light has dawned for […]

The Legacy of Deadeye Dick

The Legacy of Deadeye Dick updated There is a reason Republicans are losing the west one person at a time, […]

Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter

Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter updated Elizabeth Edwards phoned into “Hardball” today and called Ann Coulter out. Part of the conversation […]

The CIA ‘Family Jewels’

The CIA ‘Family Jewels’ updated More like dirty laundry if you ask me. But regardless, they’re now online. It’s really […]

Immigration Bill Moves Forward

Immigration Bill Moves Forward bumped VIDEO: Immigration debate The president “misspoke” this morning, says Tony Snow. I’ll say. “You know, […]

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