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Sweet Kavna Dies

KAVNA THE BELUGA whale who lived her whole life in captivity, longer than most whales of her species, which live to around 30 in the wild, died on Monday at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Healthy all […]

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News Desk: Assad’s Offensive in Aleppo

Forces loyal to President Assad have launched a new offensive into Aleppo’s south-west district of Salahedin, though the outcome is still unclear. The rebel Tawheed Brigade (Unity Brigade), which is leading the fight in […]

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Olympic Booty-palooza Link of the Day

TOO PRICELESS for words, but make sure you start the music before you look at the booty-palooza from Buzzfeed.

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Aly Raisman First Woman to Win Gold in Floor Exercises, Breaks Olympic Silence on Munich

TWO GOLD MEDALS and one bronze* for Aly Raisman is the most of any gymnast with the added pleasure of scoring a first. From USA Today:

There was joy: Raisman became the first U.S. […]

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Missouri Republicans Hand Claire McCaskill Her Best Hope

Republicans on Tuesday pinned their hopes of winning back a Senate seat in Missouri ““ and perhaps control of the chamber ““ on Todd Akin, picking the conservative congressman to take on endangered Democratic […]

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Secy. Clinton Gets Down Dancing

South Africa gets Hillary Clinton on the dance… by reuters

SECRETARY CLINTON in Africa, doing diplomacy her way.

Clinton joined local farmers in a dance and spoke to a farmer, Margaret, who told her that since […]

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Top Story: Middle Class Voters Remain Romney’s Kryptonite, White Middle Class Men are Obama’s

NEW POLL NUMBERS hit as Team Obama releases an ad to push back against Mitt Romney’s false welfare claims, which are an effort to gain any grand possible with middle class voters that are […]

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News Desk: Pres. Bill Clinton Slams Romney’s False Welfare-to-Work Ad in Statement

FORMER PRESIDENT CLINTON unloaded on Team Romney late Tuesday after they unleashed a welfare ad against Pres. Obama that was patently false. The proof was laid out earlier today.

From Pres. Clinton:

“Governor Romney released […]

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Top Story: Romney Slams Obama on Welfare-to-Work Flexibility That He Sought as Massachusetts Governor

Mitt Romney’s campaign is launching a new offensive on Tuesday accusing President Obama of “unilaterally dismantling” the 1990s bipartisan welfare reform. – Romney launches new attack on Obama over welfare


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