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Clinton Beats Rudy by 8

Clinton remains the frontrunner, as does Rudy Giuliani right now. The Pew Research Center has a poll out that is […]

Edwards Onslaught Continues

via Greg Sargent Hillary Clinton is “unelectable,” so says Edwards in a Halloween edition of “Scary Times.” The question from […]

The Democratic Debate

The Democratic Debate updated – VOTE BELOW VIDEO: First 10 minutes of the debate. VIDEO: Biden on Pakistan VIDEO: Iran, […]

Two Cents for Obama

Andrew has advice for his favorite candidate and he is partially right. But what he should really be doing is […]

Rudy’s Neocon Crazies

Rudy’s Neocon Crazies updated UPDATE: Think Progress has more. The above interview, which TPM caught I’m happy to say, really […]

Another Obama Blunder

Another Obama Blunder updated The pinpoint accuracy of John Aravosis is hurting Obama, especially with McClurkin’s own words to add […]

Clinton’s Negative Press

Interesting study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public […]

What’s Happening in Iowa

What’s Happening in Iowa guest post by Chase Martyn Managing Editor of Iowa Independent Last week kicked off with a […]

Edwards Schools Obama

h/t reader & Edwards supporter HM Edwards was the first to pull back on his Iraq war vote, committing himself […]

Iraq’s Refugees

Iraq’s Refugees updated guest post by Cujo359 The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) now estimates that 4.4 million […]

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